Rosedale, Maryland
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After taking me 45 minutes to go across the store on petrie way in md 21237, I found a checkout line that I could get the scooter basket into.The light was on. No one said anything about the cashier closeing.

After about 15 minutes inline thecashier Deb@#22 register said this is the last person i am taken. Speaking up I said no one said this when I pulled inline and didn't she see I was disabled and where should I go?Her main cashier spoke up and said "just get in another line".Looking around I saw many people inline I asked several times

for A Manager. I Manager never came, I waited maybe 20minutes or more.

I have a rare lung disease , High blood preasure inside my lungs with no cure.( PAH) Pulmunary Arterial Hypertension. You would think someone there would at least have a heart and help me.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Cashier.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Walmart Cons: Long waits, Management, Customer service.

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This is not the first time someone is doing this, recently this other person by the names walmartapplicaint, aka TLC, aka Annie28 was claiming she was not hired because she was disabled. Claiming she was more qualified than everyone else without knowing who else applied for the job. When she did not get the job she bitched and complained it was because she was "discriminated" against, and no matter how many times she was told she was not discriminated against there were people better qualified than she kept having the holier than thou attitude.


Let it go, Kev. What does that even have to do with this?

The cashier should not have done this. She should have taken the customers that were already in line before she closed shop.

Disabled or not, that is just good customer service and common courtesy. That is, if the light was really on when the original poster approached and she didn't assume the register was opened because there was a line.


Nope the cashier is not going supposed to help people once the shift is over. I bet the OP "forgot" to mention was that she did not see the sign or the lights being closed.

She obviously thinks she should get preferred treatment because she is handicapped. Maybe allowing this person to cash out is good customer service, but the customer behaving like a two year old is not good behavior as well.


They probably had a good reason for this though. I don't think that the cashier did it just because she wanted to do it.

She may have gotten locked out of the register. I don't know so I can't say, but neither do you.


The fact that you are allegedly disabled has nothing to do with your complaint. Granted you were using one of their electric carts but that means you didn't have to stand up and wait for your turn to be checked out.

I use those electric carts and have never had trouble getting into any check out lane in any store that has the carts. That being said I have never seen a basket on one of those electric carts that would hold $350.00 worth of stuff. Who was supposed to tell you that cashier was closing down. If she had done it while checking out the person in front of you she would have been treating that customer rudely.

What do you mean it took you 45 minutes to go across the store, I can do an entire weeks worth of shopping, check every aisle in the store including the seasonal department, books, electronics, etc. and be done checking out within one hour. Sometimes that includes getting a hair cut, too. I don't ride around on those carts thinking I'm entitled to special treatment because I have to use one of those carts.

You might be disabled but you could have backed out of the lane you were in and went to another one. I'm sure there were other lanes that the basket on the cart would fit into. IF you hadn't been on your "pitty pot" and went to another lane you would have been helped. Instead of sitting around feeling sorry for yourself you should concentrate on improving your capitalization, spelling, and spacing after punctuation.

As long as you had something to sit on what difference did it make if you got into a long line and WHY would you want to see a manager. You were just plain being an argumentative customer that thought they should have special treatment because they are disabled.

You aren't any better than anybody else.


I could not agree with you more, it seems like because she is disabled she wants preferred treatment.

Shannon G

Well Kevin you want preferred treatment because you are retarded. What is the difference?

@Shannon G

You are the one that made many spelling and grammar errors on your review and I am the one that is "retarded"