As I got into line to check out at Walmart (9/25/2011), I had seen, what it looked liked to me, the cashier cringing at me. I think it

was because I was using reusable shopping bags. I had about a dozen of these bags filled with my groceries. I don't understand what

was so hard about that. All she had to do was take everything out of the bags, scan them, and put them back in. All she said to me was

hello, what my total was, thank you, and good bye. If she doesn't like anyone useing those types of bags, she shouldn't be working at

Walmart. Besides, she didn't pack them the same way I did.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Cashier.

Location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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hello,here's your total,thank you,good-bye.after taking everything out of your resuable bags,ringing the items and then putting them back in the back..give me a break,are you kidding?


A cringe is not that bad really. Here in Greece,if you are a foreigner, they treat you really bad.

I've been at supermarkets where they just ignore you and help Greek customers and if you complain they yell at you and tell you to go to your own country if you don't like it. Now, of course, at the high-end markets, they are quite nice, and that's where I shop now.


Why didn't you just put it all in your purse and pull it out?? Seriously, don't conceal product before paying (ie: in your bags) and then take it to register. You are only asking for odd looks.


The cashier wasn't cringing because of the bags, love. She took one look at YOU and cringed.

I suspect the bags looked better than the person behind the shopping cart and her natural reaction to utter disgust was to cring.

Rather than remain anonymous, you should identify yourself and then perhaps acquaintances of yours will write in and tell us how you look. Then we can better pass judgement.


Do whuaaat? The reusable so-called "green" bags are meant to be used in place of the plastic or paper bags at the checkout, i.e.

to place your stuff in AFTER you checkout, not to bag cr*p as you shop.

I would probably do more than just cringe when having to remove your *** to scan and then re-bag. Also, if you are so obsessed with how your bags are packed and/or your bags are stinky, bag your own *** and wash the bags after you unpack them at home.


Just to clear up the whole "dozen" issue.

dozen [ˈdʌzən]


(Mathematics & Measurements / Units) (preceded by a or a numeral)

a. twelve or a group of twelve a dozen eggs two dozen oranges

b. (as pronoun; functioning as sing or plural) give me a dozen there are at least a dozen who haven't arrived yet

n pl dozens, dozen

by the dozen in large quantities

2. (Mathematics & Measurements / Units) See baker's dozen

talk nineteen to the dozen to talk without stopping See also dozens

[from Old French douzaine, from douze twelve, from Latin duodecim, from duo two + decem ten]


I don't blame the cashier. I would have cringed at you too.

Seriously. What makes you so entitled that you did not tell the cashier in the first place that you had reusable bags? Why did you wait for her to bag your purchases before telling the cashier?

Oh, and she didn't pack them the way you did? Well, perhaps you should have packed them yourself to begin with.


Who fills up reusable plastic bags with new groceries and expects a cashier to remove them and then place them back in the way you want? Don't they have shopping carts where you live?

I would have made you get a shopping cart and place your groceries in there and then bag your own groceries youself with your nasty reuasble bags. Is life that difficult?


One time a couple gave me their cloth bags to bag their stuff. After they had left, both of my arms and hands were red and itchy. :?


This whole thread is gold haha


Stinky dirty bags perhaps?


Maybe you forgot your deodrant and that is why the cashier was cringing, get a life! Who wants to hear a dumb *** story like this?


I can see why she might have cringed at you. Some of those bags stink, literally. It might be the plastic or some food drippings that have been left behind rotting.


Seriously, I can't sleep at night knowing that people are this ***. It scares me, I have nightmares.

Please tell us you're a troll.


she should have ficked a booger at you instead


So, saying no it is 4 to 6 a lot of times to us makes us wrong and you right? Right!

Just look it up yourself on line in the American words. I misspelled american before.


For heaven's sake, you're on a computer. Look it up for yourself in an AMERIAN ENGLISH dictionary.

A dozen is twelve. Sheeze.


Everyone knows that a dozen is 6 at the most. Maybe if you went to american schools then you would know that!


...... seriously?

a dozen is twelve.

the only times it's not are when it's a bakers dozen (13) or a decimal dozen(10)

I really hope the whole dozen argument is just someone trolling. Please just be trolling, don't really be that ***.


A double dozen is 12 while I said a dozen which is 6 at the most! Get your head out of your *** Lj!

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