Rumford, Maine
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Cashier yelled loudly several times in an embarrasing manner for shift leader . Then shift leader took the pork chops in disgust back to the meat department. Feeling uncomfortable we told cashier never mind we do not want them. Her loud comment was: what do you mean ,? we have to throw the pork chops out now, we do not know how long you have been walking around the store with these pork chops? The pork chops price was clearly marked $4.35 in price on the tag, we find it unnecessary to have so much attention drawn to us on a clearly marked package. Isn't there a better way to handle this? Also the comment, like it is our fault the pork chops will be thrown out? our receipt number says Ref # 500800284863 Date 01/08/15 Time:10:57:12 Total today was $94:26 without the pork chops. Weekly est. we spend $200. to $ 400.

We don't complain ever about your store but Geez we actually wanted the pork chops.

Paul Gaudet

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $5.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Walmart Cons: Cashier.

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who kares? pok chawps make yo *** fat anyways.


If you wanted the pork chops so badly you would have waited patiently like an adult for someone who knows how to punch it in to punch the code in, has it ever occurred to you that perhaps she could not read the numbers. No you did not think about these things, instead you threw a temper tantrum like some six year old child.


So what was the deal with the chops??? I'm not understanding your complaint as far as the issue with the pork chops.


The cashier couldn't scan the blurred bar code. She obviously didn't know how to enter the price manually. The customers seemed embarrassed about something they had no control over.


First of all, I'm sure the cashier knew how to manually key in the code but it is difficult to do when it is blurred and you can not read it. Most times to key in just the price, they have to have approval from management because they need to have the UPC in the system for inventory.

The manager probably went to the meat dept. to get another price/UPC label. Not the cashiers fault. Practice a little patience.

I'm sure you are exaggerating as to the temperament of both the cashier and manager as most customers do..You just didn't want to wait so you threw a hissy fit. Admit it.


I agree, and if this child cannot be patient perhaps mommy or daddy should be shopping with them.