Shelby Charter Township, Michigan
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I was buying some items mostly food items and some wine. I payed with my EBT card, and the cashier told me that wine was not covered on it.

This was embarrassing as I had to put it all back. Wine should be covered on it since it can be used for cooking, though I bought the non cooking alcholic one. Another thing recently my niece who is 14 is under my care while her parents were away to a funeral. They told her school that I was the one to contact for the next week.

I found out from the school that she has been cutting classes along with another friend and going to the store to hang out. This was during school hours of course and I found out that on Friday November 4 2016 she cut classes and when I asked her where she was when she cut classes because the school called me. She told me she was at Walmart. I am wondering why the employees did not say a thing or report her to security or the police.

Clearly these are school aged children aged 14 and 15 and should not have been in the store. When I got the call from the school I was frantic because I did not know where the girls were. Also I went to the store the same day with my nine year old daughter and no one told me that she has skipped classes, even though I had her along with her. I only found out in the car when I told her that if she did not tell me where she was I would tell her mom she skipped classes.

But why would your employees not find it suspicious that two tenth graders, yeah she is in tenth grade birthday is in two days.

Anyways why would the employees not find two girls in the store during school hours suspicious and say something. It was clear that they were skipping school since it was around 11am when I got the call that she was not in school.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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OMG! I think i am going to *** myself laughing.

If you're a "troll" do a better job at it. But...If this is in fact real you mam are a buffoon. I do want to use many expletives though.If your niece(s) nephew(s) child(ren) and whatever things you have been foolishly entrusted with are pretty much your responsibility. But since you believe that store employees must take care of your mini buffoons who obviously cannot be trusted and you seem to be pretty good at making yourself look like an *** but blaming others well take some pictures of your mini buffoons go back to Walmart to print them.

Don't forget your EBT card! Rotflmfao and ask no DEMAND! That they put them up all over the store. Hundreds no MILLIONS!!!!

of them with forbidden written with a ink made with combination of your heartbroken tears and cigarette ash. Also buy a whole bunch of cheese with a few bottles of your favorite wine if the *** teller dares to refuse your purchase please do mention the fact that the king of Sploogeland who you're trying to seduce with your refined culinary skills will be extremely disappointed.

Also if marijuana is legal where you live try to get some with your EBT card because hey you can cook with that also.


How long did it take for you to come up with this? Either way you're a ***.


beep, beep, beep.....troll alert.....


Troll letter intended to spark a reaction from the posters here at this site.

First Born Triplet

I was going to say the same thing. But if by any chance this is real how are they to know that your niece is not small for her age and just looks 14?

It is not their job to correct your child's bad behavior. While you could not control your niece ditching school it is not the employee's job to go to school.

She could have been suspended homeschooled. If they had said something you would have gotten angry at them for not minding their own business for family matters.


The cashier has no control over what is covered under EBT. You have to go talk to your case worker about this.

And yes, beer and alcohol are NOT covered under EBT.

I am a cashier as well at a grocery store.

And no business is responsible for babysitting underage customers.