Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

My boyfriend and I decided to run to Walmart to pick up a few things. After we were done, we had a basket full of items. I thought we

were lucky as we had found a line with no one in it. Boy was I wrong. As soon as we got into line my boyfriend started to take some of

the items out of the basket. I told my boyfriend to let the cashier do it as I started to put the items back into the basket. I

believe it is the cashier's job to unload the groceries. As soon as the cashier got a hold of the basket, she dumped all of the

contents on the belt. She then proceeded to ring up my groceries as if nothing happened. After I got home I checked every item to make

sure nothing was broken. Thankfully nothing was. But I can not believe how I was treated.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Cashier.

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Wow, this girl is unbelievable. First of all, it is not the cashiers "job" to take the items out of the basket.

It would be a courtesy to you if a cashier did that. Are you seriously that lazy? And I really shouldn't even be asking that bc you weren't even the one taking them out of the basket your ex was so you must just be a b****. Secondly, who threatens rape like that?

That is not only immature but it is manipulative and defamation. There are people who have been truly raped and would find your behavior to be astonishing. I am glad your ex had enough sense to end the relationship before you did try to pull some *** stunt such as that.

He is obviously smarter than you and know how to be polite to people... Honestly if I was your cashier I would have done a lot worse than just dump your stuff out.


So none of your items were damaged and your complaining because... ?


I would dump them on the belt to, I bet she got you checked out quicker other wise you would have bitched her for being slow trying to dig everything out of the basket! Seriously Grow Up! Oh and go to the police claiming your boyfriend raped you it would be a he said she said with no proof you dumb ***.


Glad he dumped you on your ***. No one should put up with **** like that. And the cashier probably heard you saying you'd lie to the police about rape if he didn't put every thing back into the basket.


As you should have been...dumped on your *** *** for being ***!!!!


So would it be the cashiers job to take the items out of the shopping cart? I don't blame the cashier for dumping out your basket. She just did what you thought was her job.


It's walmart!!! Come on, what else did you expect?