Plattsburgh, New York

When I went to Walmart to buy beer yesterday, the cashier looks at my ID and tells me it's expired. I tell her it's not because the expiration date is March 2015.

She said, "That's weird. It's supposed to expire when you turn 21. That's what happened to all of my friends." Okay. major face palm moment.

That's not true. Her friends probably encountered a moronic cashier like her and were told the same thing.

Can Walmart please educate their employees about how to look at IDs? Seriously, I have never heard such a thing in the entire two years that I have been buying alcohol.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Cashier.

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Anytime anyone has a complaint about Walmart or their associates call the 1-800 number. Walmart management and associates do not like getting bad feedback through corporate.

Be sure and get the name of the employee.

It is true Walmart hires ignorant employees like LadyScot.

Walmart not only wants you for a customer they NEED you!


Looks like the ignoramus looked at the month instead of the year which is what matters most. I had the same thing happen with a coupon after the cashier tried to argue I said get manager then the manager even said it was expired I ask her what year is it she said 2013 I said now what year does the coupon expire she said 2014 and then she and the cashier burst into laughter, I smiled and said "I bless your heart"...something southerns say instead of your ignorant.


What's the big deal? She made a mistake and she realized it.

No harm, no foul? Why are you being an incredibly big baby about this?

I'm sure you are perfect at your job and never ever make a mistake, but most people make an occasional error. Next time you're in Wal-Mart, make sure to get yourself some Huggies.


Only one thing to remember walmart hires ignorant inbred people like ladyscot and that cashier.


Not everyone who works at Walmart is "ignorant" or "inbred". Some of us college students don't have enough experience to qualify for less *** jobs. I've had to deal with more ignorant, entitled, and straight up rude customers than unpleasant cashiers.

John N

Two things you must remember: 1. Remember, this is WalMart and 2. she graduated from high school(no doubt with honors) and votes.