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Less than a week ago I went into Jennifer's line. I vowed not to go into her line again, however her line was the shortest so I went in her line.

I paid for my stuff in cash and demanded she give me dollar bills and coins which were minted in my year of birth. She owed me $6.52 cents in change. She found a something with my year in the $1 and $5 bills, and two pennies which were minted in my birth year, however she had trouble finding two quarters with my birth year. She had one the year after I was born, but I told her no, I wanted all the change which was minted in my birth year and to go to other registers to exchange the quarter for one minted in my birth year.

She refused and said she could not leave the register just for that. I felt like slapping her. I told her that my husband worked for home office and that I would tell him what happened again and he would fire her.

He said that is exactly what I said the last time. Unfortunately my husband refused to fire her because she mistreated me last time and I felt like slapping and divorcing him and aborting the baby we created together.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Cashier.

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Canadians WHO POST TO THIS SITE are:

s t u p i d!!!! :cry


I don't think they all are, but Wow Lady should have read my last post where I mention that the OP is a fake post with someone using my username. If it doesn't list Springdale, AR as the location then it isn't from me.


Canadians are s t u p i d!



You have some issues. Seriously demanding that the cashier give you changed based on your birth year is bad enough but to demand she go to other cashiers if she does not. It does not matter where your husband works he can't fire her for this.


OMG people read the comments before commenting yourself. Walmart Employee, this is a fake post written by someone(I highly suspect Jedi Knight Ethan)using my username and making a fake post. This never happened.


What a nutcase. First off, cashiers are to never leave their post to find some *** a *** coin with their birth date on it and second that just leaves you nutcase to steal the money and get the person fired. You belong in a nuthouse.


MsLea, go *** yourself.


"Come on, people. This is a fake complaint.

No one with any intelligence shops at WalMart anymore."

Neither are any of the former employees intelligent. After all you did get fired for "borrowing" a pen.




This is a fake post written by Jedi Knight Ethan using my username. Sorry Jedi, but you are the only person from Toronto that I argue with on here. Plus this post and a few others from this fake account popped up at the same time you were on here.


'IQ of a potato'. I LOL'd. :D

John N

Come on, people. This is a fake complaint. No one with any intelligence shops at WalMart anymore.


frankie, even if this is a fake post(not by me, mrslea had the IQ of a potato and does not know that Toronto has the population of over 1 million despite how many times we tell her) this is the exact kind of thing that Mrs lea would actually do. She has already thrown a temper tantrum when she could not get a patio set on sale after the sale was over, demanded an employee help her while on his lunch break, threatening to have him fired if he did not.

Came close to slapping two Walmart employees and one Target employee.

Threw a temper tantrum and embarrassing her husband by causing a sceneat either Chilli's or Outback because she had five to ten minute wait times for everything,(being seated, getting drinks, and food ect). I really think the husband part is made up because if you read her other 23 reviews(they only allow 20 to show up when you click on her username) you will see that she is infact a *** as you claim.


Blaming me again, no offense even if you were impersonated I did not post this.


Frankee, this is a fake post written by Jedi Knight Ethan.


Nice try, Jedi.


God bless Jen for putting up with this ***