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I was shopping at your store in Pittsburg PA. I had two loaves of bread. The total had come to 5.09. I paid the cashier with a $20 bill. The cashier gave me $15 in change.

My ten year old son wanted to buy some candy from the candy machine. I had no quarters in my purse. All I did was have a 20 dollar bill. I told my son that the price of two breads always come to 5.09 and I would give him the change to buy his candy. I feel that I am being discriminated against because I am a single parent. I should have gotton 14.91 back but because I am a single parent I got $15 back. She probably felt sorry for me and that I could not make ends meet so she thought whe should help me out by giving me nine extra cents.

You really disappointed my son. He is only ten years old and he really wanted that candy. He got jipped and because of your math illerate cashier my son could not get the candy he wanted.

I think my son should receive a $25 gift card for the disappoint that this cashier caused. I too should get a $25 gift card plus a gas card because for one thing I felt disappointed when I could not give my son the quarters, and two this caused an inconvience for me. When you give me the gift cards that you OWE ME. Send me gas a gas milage so that when I use the gift card that you OWE ME I can go back to your store and get the candy you OWE my son without having to use extra gas for your cashier's incompetence. At four dollars a galleon for gas going to and from a store only to disapoint my son is just disapoint to us both.

This cashier also needs proper retraining on how to treat people. She needs to know that just because I am a single parent does not mean that I have financial problems. For your information I am a registered nurse that makes 90k a year and this incident insulted my character both as a single mom and and as a human being and woman.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Gift Card.

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Seriously, you've got to be kidding....you're complaining because you got back more than you should have....and blaming the cashier for disappointing your son? Freaking wait until someone's till opens and ask for change!

Or if you can't wait that long, buy a chocolate bar or something. Yeesh, you're ridiculous.

Besides, believe the registers tell the cashiers what change is due to the customer.....and if she gave back more than she should have, she's the one that will be written up when the till is short that 9 cents. :eek


Yeah because the nine extra cents will really help you pay your rent. IT is going to help you pay for your car. Seriously maybe you are not well off if y7ou beg for $50 gift cards and gas money. If you cannot afford to drive walk. With all the restaurants you go to you sure could use some exercise you fat lump.

"just you and me"

she supposedly has two children son and daughter, and I think the cashier gave her $15 because she did not have much small change. However obviously she needed more than that nine cents because she is always begging for stuff. Probably spends her 90k on drugs and booze. She sure acts like she does.


if you were so angry, you should have ASKED FOR FOUR QUARTERS.. not that difficult to ask. You are the type of person who makes me hate customer service jobs.


Honey, sometimes we run out of change in the cash register. At least she didn't give you less than what you should have gotten back. If you wanted her to give you some change back, whether it be in smaller bills, or just in change then you should have said so instead of being so difficult that nobody wants to even be around you.



There is no way that someone as *** as you is a nurse.

You're just a pathetic *** artist.



Psychotic and lazy.




Yet another *** troll out looking for free handouts from Walmart.....

Don't you people ever learn just because someone at Walmart doesn't give in to your *** ways, that they DO NOT owe you anything?

Get a grip on the real life sweetheart! The cashier saved you nine cents, so she did you a favor. And one she should not have done for making her drawer come out short at the end of the day. Or she could have added the nine cents out of her own pocket...

But ***...fanagle over nine cents, when it was in your favor? Geeze!!!

Have you ever heard of the friggen SERVICE DESK for change????

Grow up and get over it.......


To a little disgusted....Being in retail in management AND Loss prevention for 24 years, I think YOU KNOW what people I'm referring to! There's a reason certain "people" are followed or shadowed in retail establishments.

And....before you get all uppity on your high horse, yes, I've caught my share of white folks doing the same thing, but sadly, a cetain ethnicity accounts for the vast majority of retail theft and/or deception.

I wish it were not true, but it is. It's also quite sad when they are apprehended, and put up such a ruckus in front of all to see.


Samantha don't shoot yourself that is not the way to solve the problem instead shoot her with a tranquilizer. That will solve the problem, however make sure that you get a very strong one because she also scams fast food places and eats there a lot, which in turn means she must weigh at least a ton.


Wow. Just wow.

I work at Walmart, and just so you know, yeah you do have to have atleast some common sense. I'm not a cashier though - thank god - because I'd probably shoot myself.

I've done this before while occasionally being on the registers. Ever heard of *running out of change*?

Instead of shorting you, they did the right thing and gave you over what you were owed.

Who in their right mind complains about being given more money?


To retailer4life, which minority is this you are referring to? People, like you, who judge races as a whole disgust me.

There are lazy people in every race. And what makes you think this individual is on welfare? Maybe you should not ASSume things about others, unless you want to be judged yourself for that ignorant comment you posted. Her actions were wrong, and I am in NO WAY defending them, she had other options available, and asking for gift cards was over doing it, but from that, how can you tell the race, salary and whether she is on welfare or not from her complaint?

I used to be on welfare, for a few months, and I now have a great job and haven't been on it for years, and am halfway through a bachelors degree in business.... so please, before you make ignorant statements, think about them first.


Ok, lets face it,this lady has some physological problems. She is a person that loves the attention everyone is giving her on these complaint boards.

First of all she is probably not even a nurse. This is a phantasy that she has created for herself. After reading many of her post she says it is always with a child on some of her post she claims she was with her daughter now which do you have sons or a daughter? And with a 10hr work day how does she have time to shop and complain on here everyday.

Trust me she is a phoney.............. There are names for a person like her I think they are called mental patients? She always comes back saying she is not going to post on these complaint boards anymore but lo and behold she comes back. I bet she has over 50 or more complaints on here and always with a child and about gift cards and a RN with money.

Sorry lady I work for Corrections I deal with inmates that remind me alot of you they are ALWAYS IN A FANTASY WORLD!!!!I would love to know how many children you do really have and how many you try to claim on your taxes that is if you really do pay taxes?? If so then how many gift cards has IRS sent you? You really need to spend that so called 90 grand on some help I am sure for that type of salary you can get a real good phsychatrist. If you do make that much then why would you even except the 9 cents that by rightfully wasn't yours to even take.

If I had my children with me as a good parent I would let it be known that the cashier gave me too much change back. THAT IS WHAT A PARENT SHOULD DO not make a big sceen in the store so you can benifit from it.

YOU ARE A DISCRACE!!! GO out and get a job and quit living off of tax payers!!!!!


How did the cashier know you were a single parent?? Did she ask you, did you tell her?

I have never heard such a CRAZY argument over 9 cents. teh cashier was being COURTEOUS!!!!

Something anyone else would have been grateful for, you must definitley be a sad person to spend so much time making complaints. :(


Dance your butt off, I am also ten and I would not cry if I did not get any candy.


I am ten too, dancing my butt off and I would not cry because I did not get candy. Also I too think that she should have asked the cashier for her change, she should have said thanks for giving me five dollars even, however I promised my son he could buy some candy's from those machines so can I please get my 14 dollars and ninety one cents. I don't have no quarters to give to my son I only have $20, and would like the correct change to give my son.


Natasha, I think what she is trying to say is that if she got the proper change $14.91, instead of $15 then she would have had three quarters to give her son. Instead the cashier gave her $15, instead of three quarters, one dime, one nickle and one penny.


To the people commenting "are you retarded" well I understand that you are just shocked by the contents in the letter, however I have a friend who has mild down syndrome. He is not mentally retarded but that could be a case of mental retardation.

What I am trying to say is those comments can be offensive. As for the OP, she constantly writes letters complaining about silly things in hopes of getting gift cards.


You are such an ***. no one cares about how your 10 year old son didn't get his candy.

oh boo who for you and him. i am his age and i dont have a melt down if i don't get candy. he is a whihy babay. But, is it really that hard to ask the cashier for some change for a dollar bill in quarters.

i've read your other complaints, and you always seem to want some kind of gift card. and you brag about how much you make. if so. then why do you need sooo many gift cards.

you are a freak. oh and tell your son i cry for him :cry and tell him i said he is such a baby' :grin


I really hope this is a joke, it has to be a joke. Although at my last job I dealt with half of our clients demanding that we owed them services for free, usually because "they pay their taxes, therefore their entitled".

I didn't even work for a government agency.. Peeps are stoopid.


I really hope this is a joke, it has to be a joke. Although at my last job I dealt with half of our clients demanding that we owed them services for free, usually because "they pay there taxes, therefore their entitled".

I didn't even work for a government agency.. Peeps are stoopid.