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I was checking out in the Auburn, Maine Wal-mart with a friend. The cashier began to talk about how Wal-mart was cutting her hours and complaining that she did not get paid enough- I let this slide even though I was annoyed with her customer service (having worked in customer service for 7+ years I tend to be a little over critical) As she was handing me my receipt she went on to say and I quote "If I was a Somalian I would be all set." (I'm assuming she was referring to Somalian's not working and receiving government help which is a huge stereotype in our area.) I was so appalled by her comment that I just left, but when I got to the car I decided to call and make a complaint to the manager, the girl who answered the phone actually laughed when I told her and said she would be sure to pass the comment on to her supervisor- I know they don't pay there employees well, but that remark was unacceptable.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Cashier.

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This is a pretty interesting comment. In light of all of the recent Wal-Mart comments, one could even say hummmmmm. :x


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Walmart cashiers earn minimum wage, same as any retail job. Store-level employees at WM seem to think they are better than other retail store workers and they should be given the moon.

If you want better pay then go back to college, find a rich man or woman to marry, or work yourself up to a management position. They also give raises like any other job. Do your job well and you will get better, otherwise they cut your hours, let you go, etc.

What is happening to this cashier is exactly what should happen to her. I know this was written back in January, so I don't know what has happened to her since then, but I hope she has learned her lesson.


Wow patients,ya know not everyone likes to hear a cashier complain about low pay and blaming the samolis,I know a lot of them and some of them work harder then most white people if you want to dicifer on a color factor which is racist thank you.the problem is that the system fails all of us when we need,or even if we don't. If the cashier is that unhappy then maybe she should be a little more thankful she has a job also if she is still that unhappy then maybe she should do something about it seeing she is superior to the rest.


hey Jedi Knight Ethan i am white, and the cashier was being rude. I think it was NOT professional to complain about work.

at work with a customer.

That is what i am *** about. gee wiz


The cashiers at my local Walmart are always talking about things I would say are not work friendly topics. I would tell them myself its not appropriate rather than report them, doesn't do much good either way.


If you don't want people to think you are arrogant don't display arrogant behavior in your review. Also sounds like you are discriminating against whites by claiming it is them who abuse drugs.


Seriously? You're going to call and tattle on something like that? The pussification of America is progressing rapidly...


Weather or not the Somolians are killing each other or not , the cashier had no place to discuss anything like this with any customer or co worker, plus why is it because other countires have trouble we feel we have to play big brother an take in everyone an pay their way . We do that with all from any 3rd world country like india, africa and so on.

Now we cnt even care for ourselves or keep people in their homes . We bail out the banks and big buisness and mom an pop places are closeing .

We are on our way to a 2nd depression due to the rich getting rich and the poor getting poorer .

In my past I was actually on public aid once but was told by a black co worker to give up Im the wrong color and not female


I will agree to disagree, my problem with the cashier is it's not her place to bring up this topic while ringing in groceries- simple as that.


Sounds like you need some Patience, First of all I was in Somalia, I saw with my own eyes how they killed each other, now they are over here why? Second all they do is live off of us, the Somalia's would not fight for there own country, now you have Somali pirates, robing and killing as they please,and they live here free of charge, Patience has a point, if she was Somali she would have a free ride for life. If you feel that bad for them go to Somalia you would not last the day before you where killed.


you were in customer service for 7+ years your life sucks..why complain about a cashier when you are the problem. what does white people and drugs have to do witht he cashier. *** arrogant POS


4x4rockstar...taht name says it all, you wish you were a rockstar your prolly a groupie sucking *** s. id be racist to you all day if i had to sit there and listen to dumb *** like yourself.


First of all if I was rich I wouldn't be shopping at Wal-mart. If you think scanning in groceries is "working their butts off" you don't know much about working.

I worked at a grocery store for many years, and it's not hard to greet the customer, ring in there order, and say Thank you- those are simple things. (I do agree Wal-mart doesn't pay well, I actually turned down a job there because starting pay was only $7.80 an hour, but being a cashier isn't a high paying job.) I'm sorry that you feel I am arrogant for being offended when a cashier is racist to a customer. Maybe you agree with the cashier? That Somalian's live off of welfare?

In my opinion maybe some do, but if you live in Maine- take a look around a lot of white people are living off the state- and doing drugs. I don't think it matters what race you are if you abuse the system you abuse the system simple as that- and I don't think it's appropriate for a cashier to discuss her personal beliefs & feelings with her customer- no wonder her hours were cut, and they don't pay her well- clearly they are paying her what she is worth.


You must be some rich arrogant person to complain about something like that.. Those people work their butts off and don't get paid enough especially when having to deal with customers like you.