Dallas, Texas

After running all my groceries and items through the checkout the cashier then told me the card terminal was down and needed to run my card manually. He then swiped the card, the terminal told him to enter the last 3 digits on the back of the card.

He proceeded to enter the wrong digits 8 times. Then told me to go call my bank, that I didnt have any money in there. I was furious. I called the bank which took me 3o mins to get an answer and they told me the card had been placed on a fraud hold due to the cashier entering in the wrong numbers too many times.

Once i got the fraud hold off, I went back to check out and get my groceries and he told me he was going on a break, and to go to the customer service line, which had over 12 people waiting due to it being a sunday.

2 hours later I left with my groceries that were already defrosted and warm. I should of just left!

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Cashier.

Monetary Loss: $176.

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The cashier DOES NOT put your security code in YOU THE CUSTOMER enters it from the keypad that they swipe the card through!


Its the tree digit code one the back of the card that wasnt entered correctly. Your thinking of pin number.


Walmart doesn't hire the brightest bulbs and this is what happens when a company pays nothing. they could care less about the customers and so could wallyworld. They do not care at all about employees or customers