Apollo, Pennsylvania

My husband, kids, and I went to our local Walmart on (Friday, October 5th, 2011) around 5 P.M. After waiting forever in line, we

finally got up to the cashier to pay for our items, one of them was a large size dog food. When she got to the dog food, she scanned

it, went to pick it up, and threw my dog food down onto the courasel. My family and I were in shock. I then told the cashier that she

doesn't need to be throwing my things around. The cashier claimed she didn't throw it. I said she did, and we all saw it. I then asked

if she treated other customers this way. She then gets offensive and trys to tell me that I didn't have to put the heavy dog food on

the belt and she could have came around and scanned it. I said I don't care. She had no right to throw my dog food around and to get

snippy with me. I then said I don't want the dog food, and she can put it back herself. I had enough of this ***. I don't care if

this cashier was very short and couldn't lift my dog food. I demand that my items and I be treated with respect. If she can't lift a

22lb of dog food and can't take critism, then she needs to find another job.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Cashier.

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Give this woman a break the dog food was heavy and she could not put it down like a china cup, she had to toss it. Sounds like you need an attitude adjustment, maybe you were having a bad day we all do. Please do not blame the woman working at a hard job who could not treat your dog food with a gentler hand.

lets all be more understanding and kinder to each other.



This is clearly a fake entry.


If the bag of dog food was too heavy for her to lift, it likely slipped out of her arms and landed on the bagging area with a thud. If she could not lift the bag, there is no way she could have thrown the bag of dog food.

What happened to it? The outer bag tore a bit? The dog will not care-he is not going to eat the bag, just the food.

By not allowing your husband to lift the bag of food; by not allowing the cashier to come to the cart and scan the item; by yelling at her, you were rude. Even your husband and children said you were rude.

What would possess you to hit your husband while he was driving?

Are you insane?

I once worked in retail and I can say that you are the type of customer I detested - a rude, self-centered, obnoxious, prima donna! My question to you is: do you treat all retail workers the way you treated that cashier?


I think this is just another made up review people.


get a life ***! instead of sapping your son you should be slapped loser


god if I was your husband I would have slapped you for that much of princess/cun t. Your the reason it's illegal to hit dumb pple b/c you would be beat daily.

I work a minimum wage job with no insurance and if some1 starts with me I don't mind losing this job b/c there's tons of others BUT only 1 way teach cun ts like you a lesson and you need the lesson very badly. :grin


The person who wrote this original post should consider themself lucky.Everyone is not nice like the cashier and some people do not mind taking a charge of assult and battery.


Hate to break it to you princess if you pulled that stunt at my store your *** would have been trespassed against. Its only dog food so get over yourself and FYI We do get insurance and our Managers do care enough to tell your sorry *** where to go and how to get there you ignorant ***!!!


Please come in to my store and if you treat my workers like that, I will have you trespassed off my property, just like WalMart should have done.


It is not the point that she damaged the dog food it is the point that she damaged the bag and was RUDE!!They make minimum wage and have no insurance if they are not management so Walmart does not care.


It's a bag of DOGFOOD! Did you take it out to your jalopy and lay it down carefully, cover it with a blanket for it's trip to your apartment??? Get a clue........


If she was a small person, then she would have a harder time lifting 22#. Get over yourself and your *** dog food. You sound like you were just trying to start trouble.


You sound like a word that starts with a C and ends with a T.People like you need to learn to have respect for others.I really do not think what she did damaged your dog food.A dog will literally eat SH.T so I doubt it cares if a few pieces of the food are broken.


U r a freaking ***!