Apollo, Pennsylvania

When I went to check out at my local Walmart last night, I was suddenly moved from one line to another by a cashier named Kris. I was

quite content with the line I was in, so I found this cashier to be rude. When I got into the line, I had a half of a cart full of

groceries. I only put less than half of them up to see if I had enough money. Unfortunately, I didn't. So I only paid for what the

cashier had scanned, and didn't want the rest. When I had told her this, her tone had changed. She started to act very irritable,

because I wanted to keep the cart since I had bought a 35 pack of water. She had to take everything out of the cart. I would have

helped her, but I was holding my two bags and making sure I didn't forget anything. After that I decided to take a seat on a bench

nearby. That is when the cashier walked up to me with another bag containing my glasses that I had just purchased. Now this cashier

just couldn't do her job right with a smile. She had to have an attitude about the whole thing and to boot, never made sure I had all

my stuff.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Cashier.

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you can't afford groceries and your PAYING FOR WATER


Complain265 Grow the *** up already like another poster said if your are an RN and make 90k a year why can't you afford the rest of your stuff? You need to stop acting like a spoiled little brat that if you don't get your way you pitch a fit! Get a clue because you obviously did not finish the full 8 years because people that go through 8 years of College has common sense in which you lack!


Nope. I am sure I get a heck of a lot more action than you.

I'm actually pretty positive you are NOT really a nurse, and I'm sure you make minimum wage. If you are really a nurse, give us your specialty, what kind of nurse you are, anything that would suggest you know jack about the profession in general. What's that? You can't?

Because you don't have a job at all, much less as a nurse? Big surprise....


Anon, this woman is obviously a troll. She keeps saying she is a nurse, but refuses to say what specialty she is...

reason? She is NOT an RN.

She is just a sad poor woman who wishes she had a decent job... She isn't real.


I've been reading your posts. I was so disgusted by the things you said, I decided to do some investigating. Now I see why you lost both your children, and why your husband and boyfriend left you.

Just so everyone is clear, this woman twice bought her son a wonderful batch of presents for xmas/birthday. She let him happily open them, and then she told him he would have gotten all that, had he not crossed her. She then took every single present back to the store. Once, because he had made his father a Xmas card in secret, after she had forbidden him to wish his father merry christmas. The other time, it was for being friends with an African-American boy.

I want you to know, I'm looking into you, and I will find out who you are. When I do, I promise you I will do everything in my power to make your life even more miserable. I don't live so far from Pittsburgh. I've already narrowed down the search considerable. Watch your back.


Really? Your longer than EVERYONE else? Is that literally a fact? Everyone else in the whole world? No one else on earth spends more money or works harder than you? I'm pretty sure that's not true if you won't even but a whole cart of groceries....

Sarcasm aside, everyone has responsibilities, LOTS of people work very hard. Police officers, fire fighters, and lots of government officails work crazy hours, work extremely hard, put their LIVES on the line everyday, and don't get paid nearly as much as they should, because they are public servants. They deserve it far more than you. And what about teachers, and mothers with newborns, and every other person in the world that's in a hurry?

How would you suggest implementing a policy where you would get to cut into any line you wanted? Would it JUST be you or all nurses? And if it's just because you work hard, there would have to be some sort of way to define HOW hard you have to work to cheat your way into the express line when you are not an express shopper. How would you suggest doing that?

How dare you think just because you are a nurse, you deserve to be placed above anyone else. How narcissistic are you? There a thousand professions that require hard work and long hours, so don't think you're special. Accept that you aren't better than everyone else, and maybe you'll stop be ridiculed continuously.


Seriously though, I'm actually curious. What on earth would make you think YOU should be allowed to go in the 10 items or less line, when you have far more than 10 items? What don't you understand about that line?


OMG You AGAIN????? NO ONE CARES WHETHER YOU ARE A NURSE OR NOT! Stop adding it to every post as if it's some medal or award or something that makes you so much more special than everyone else.

How do you not get that 10 items or less applies to everybody? Do you think it means everybody but you, because you are in a hurry? LOTS OF PEOPLE ARE IN A HURRY AT THE GROCERY STORE!!!!!!!

And if your so rich and make 90k a year, why didn't you have enough money for all your groceries? That is the epitome of rude to ask the cashier to get all the stuff you don't want out of your cart for you. If your carrying bags, put them down for half a second and the move the stuff yourself. You are freaking ridiculous. NO ONE is jealous of you, I can guarantee it. If I was as selfish, absurd, rude, and clueless as you, I couldn't live with myself. So no, they aren't jealous. They are frustrated that they have to deal with someone so horrible.