Lake City, Florida

wal-mart on highway29, pensacola,fl. one early morning i went to pick up my babys milk with my wic check.

i gave her my card and she rang it up,i sighned the check and she wouldnt except it. she said that my signature wasnt the same. i said o.k. here is my i.d, ill prove to you these are my checks and she refused to look at my i.d.

she was very loud about ,very smart *** about it, and she imbarrassed me. she called over the next cashier, told her what was going on, and that lady asked her, did she see me sigh the check? we both said yes. then the other cashier checked my liscence and my wic check and the other lady snatched it from her and said that i had the wrong name on my wic check.

which was a bald face lie. i felt like she was treating me as a thief and it was ver humiliating.i was being honest about everything and she was treating me like a criminal. the other cashier just went away. so, she called the manager, and was being very, very, critcal about my signatures .i finally just gave up and walked away.

ive never being treated so badly from an cashier in my whole life. she was arguing so bad with me that her manager had to tell her to be quiet.i understand the protection of the whole thing but ive never been questioned about my sinature, plus i had proof they were mine.

i lost money, you lost money, and my baby didnt get his milk. she treated me like i was walking hurt my feeling very bad, plus she tried to get me in trouble for fraud.i know if the owner would have seen her, she would be with no job.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Cashier.

Monetary Loss: $7.

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Jedi, is 12 years old and you want him to "get laid" you are almost as sick as that ***/stalker anonymous.


I agree with MomOfOne. You people are being sooo(I do know that so has 1 o) judgemental.

Maybe she is married and still with her husband, he could possibly the only person she has had sex with, maybe both of them are working and just need temporary help with the food situation. I know someone who recently who has and job and pays his child support and was eating just noodles until payday so I gave them a roast I had in my freezer to help until payday so that they had a good couple of meals.

This person works 2 jobs to make sure his children has everything they need. So we don't really know what a person or couples' situation is just b/c some of us work at a store that some of the customers pay with WIC and/or foodstamps.


usually people that tell other people to get laid are the ones that are wishing for it themselves. like Darkus. I mean why else would they feel the need to bring something like that up?



I am not harassing everyone. It should however be embarrassing for the OP to be on WIC, EBT and then complain about what she gets for free.

Also really one more thing. How is it rude for them to protect their business?


Really that comment about us all being white is just as ignorant as you are claiming we are behaving. Hyprictriical much?

She was not mistreated. They thought she was scamming them because she does not know how to use her own signature.


of Do a new trick...don't be so typical. This woman was treated very poorly.

I can picture the ones typing their comments.

The type when its sunny you began to look like can't tan. Please do a new trick...


Some of the ppl that made these have to be white. Your ignorance always shows. Education a person can have but still be ignorant.


please jedi ethan go out an get laid an stop harassing people on a customer service forum its almost embarassing for you now.


Be kinder


It's the people that don't even TRY, not the people who work their *** off and still can't seem to make ends meet that are the problem. The sense of entitlement...but oh, let's breed like guinea pigs even though we can't afford to feed or shelter our offspring.

Some people have been dealt a *** hand in life. They have circumstances unforeseen to them that they cannot help that they've tried their best to overcome but just could not. They are not the problem. If they need help, then people ought to leave them alone because at least they tried.

Then you have junkies, the uneducated, the lazy, the people having sex without protection or not in a stable relationship who are not financially or mentally equipped to raise or support children. They pop out kid after kid and go down to the county assistance office demanding "their" money with no shame and with an attitude that they deserve cash assistance, food stamps, etc even though they haven't done a thing worthwhile in their lives or even tried to improve themselves in anyway.

Man. I WISH I could work again. I can't walk. I can't speak at times. Sjogrens makes it impossible for me to produce saliva, so I can't talk at times. I have seizures. I'm on chemo...and this close to needing dialysis because of my kidneys shutting down. I loved my job. I can't understand how anyone would want to sit on their *** all day. I'm going crazy here wanting to go back to work.

Ok, I'm done.



I agree that just because someone is on WIC does not mean they are not working, but if you look at her spelling and grammar you would realize that this is just some uneducated person who has kids before she was ready to afford them. You of all people should be angry because while you are at least trying to make ends meet and have jobs she is not even bothering finishing the third grade.


I'm a taxpayer too and I don't get (nor take) diddly shiť from the government. It's the whole idea of "I pay into it so I am entitled to it" mentality that is fuсkinɡ over our country.


I can't help but laugh at the ignorance at most of the comments on here! Just because someone has WIC doesn't mean they aren't working, they are teen parents, or *** You people are the reason society is the way it is!

Some people are single mothers for other reasons! How do you know her husband didn't pass away? How do you know her husband didn't leave her and the baby? There are people who have money and good jobs who leave their wives and kids so it has nothing to do with what kind of job you have!

I have WIC only because I moved from a different state to find better and moved back in with my mom because I was having personal problems in Florida! I am currently working and so is my husband but NJ is obviously more expensive than Florida so even though we both work good jobs we can't afford formula when we're paying so much to live in a good area! So we applied for WIC and got it! We pay taxes too yet still recieve WIC so even though, yes we are using tax payers money, we are in fact tax payers as well!

You are all ridiculous, rude and ignorant! It's sad!


I am not posting anything racist, just telling this person if she cannot afford children she should not be sleeping with unknown men. They teach you that sex can lead to pregnancy as early as fourth grade.

However perhaps she does not know this because she dropped out of school before she reached the fourth grade. This would also explain her terrible spelling and grammar.


*** shut your racist *** up


Okay Zephra3 maybe the spelling errors are due to her anger, but seriously she needs to stop having children she cannot afford.


It is to bad about the comments people make about this woman.Her mistyping may have been from Emotions!

I know what it like to be told I was a check thief.years ago I was using a check at a dept store was accused me of fraud. Funny thing was I had never used a check there before.

A manager-security guard- and fingerprinting all ensued!They never even checked my signature. I had an in law with the same name-height hair color etc.She was the bad check passer! What a nightmare!!!!!!

A few eyars later I got n over due mail stating i was being sued for non payment of an expensive funeral. It seems my share was not paid! Long story made short.........It was the same woman again!



Okay whether this is a *** who cannot spell her own name or someone who has a fake identity the problem is she was not treated rudely as she claimed. The cashier's job is to stop people from committing fraud and she was simply doing that.


i wont scroll to the top of the page to see the name of the 'tard getting no action with the women. (well,except for with that one having trouble saying NO) This "'tard" is the illiterate chump, not the person at the store being treated like ***.

The voucher/check was signed and the signature was not the same. "THE SIGNATURE WAS NOT THE SAME" doesn't mean mispelled, although to those few "people having trouble w the ladies and touching themselves to vader, luke and that big hairy brown ape(don't be offended),it just might.


Wow, while you may have a rule to respect the individual there is a line when it appears that the customer is trying to steal or scam from your store. This person is either a *** who cannot spell her own name, or she stole someone's WIC card and is upset they won't allow her to use it.

How can someone misspell their own name. They have every right to be suspicious. Even a two year old can be taught to spell their own name.

Not only that she has the nerve to say she lost money. The money that she lost was not money she earned, but money that other people are paying through taxes so that she can feed the child she did not plan for because she spreads her legs to every Tom, *** and Harry she meets.

What is upsetting is she is acting like it was her money that was lost rather than tax payers and since they did not deduct anything she lost nothing. This just proves that she is not even bothered to look for a job in the first place. Also perhaps she is older and not a teen mom, but it is quite clear she dropped out of school at an early age, most likely seven or eight. I have seen a review from someone who is ten who writes much better than she does.

Instead of draining tax payers money she should finish her education and get a good paying job, or give the kid up for adoption because other should not be feeding her child just because she can't say "no" I will wait until we get married before we have children. The father is not in the picture because she probably slept with 6 different men and does not know who the father is.