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I have had no problem with shopping at my local Walmart till today. As I was walking to the checkouts, I noticed my favorite cashier

was there. I haven't seen this particular cashier for months. When I got to her, I notice she looked pregnant. She looked liked she

was about due. I happened to have a 35 pack of water. I put it up on the counter. After the transaction was over, I waited until the

cashier put the water in the cart. She always put everything in the cart evertime I had her. She stared at me for a moment, then

finally said "Sir, I am sorry, but I can't lift that." I said "You did every other time. Isn't that your job." She said "I would

rather not lift that at this time." I said, "So you are using your pregnancy as an excuse." She said "I am not. I put everything else

into the cart for you." She then adds, "I told you I have a hand held scanner, so you don't have to lift it." Irritated at this point

I said, "Part of this job is putting everything back into the cart. No matter how heavy it is. If you can't do the job, you shouldn't

be working here. I know I have never been pregnant. But that still isn't an excuse not to do your job." She started to get very upset

and cry. I said, "Suck it up and just do your job. It isn't that hard." One of their cart pushers happened to be walking by, and she

asked him to put into the cart for her. I told him to let her do it as it was her job not his. He started to defend the cashier, and I

said if she didn't put the water into the cart, I wanted to return every item I bought. They still would not comply.I then demanded

that a manager come to the register to do a return. A manager came very quickly and said she can put it into the cart. I said, "That

is not the point. Your cashier is refusing to do her job. She is using her pregnancy as an excuse." I then said, "Either she puts he

water in the cart or I want a complete refund." Because they still wouldn't comply, I ended up leaving with none of my groceries and a

refund. Maybe next time the cashier will do her job and will get my money.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Cashier.

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Words cant explain how disgusted I am at your behavior. Do you have any compassion for a fellow human being?

You can't lift a case of water to help out one of your favorite pregnant cashiers? And make her day just a little easier especially after she has told u it is not necessary to put it on the belt in the first place. Then to refuse the assistance of her associate??

This is mind baffling to me the extent a person can take a situation to. Epic fail for humanity.


I think this person is trolling, if not they are truly an arshole. Would they be able to live with the fact that the unborn child was born stillborn because they forced her to work while pregnant? If this is true she should have called a manager and he could have put this man in his place.


Sorry but I believe this is true yes I put up with customers like this all the time. And there is a lot of people who think you should wait on them hand and foot.


A lot of you are getting your panties in a twist for nothing. There are at least ten clues that this person is trolling and I will state some of them.

-She looked pregnant and looks like she is due anytime

-she is using her pregnancy as an excuse not to do her job

-someone offered to help her and I told them not to since it is not his job.

- If she is able to lift that much she should not be working

If this were real since the man and the cashier seem to know each other the husband and father of the baby would at least deal with him.

He or she wanted you to reply telling them they are inconsiderate and tell them off, and you gave them exactly what they wanted. For those of you smart enough to know this is a troll post Kudos to you.


You are an ***. Case closed.


Lol this isnt real. We dont have to put your stuff in the cart, we do it to be nice also when we can.

First B

This is either a troll complaint or an insensitive *** posting this review, you do realize that lifting something heavy can harm the baby right. If I were the manager I would tell you to refund your stuff and leave. But I hope this is a troll review, especially after you refused to allow another employee to help you.

@First B

Tell them to leave, more like tell them to get the funk out.


People, the OP is having a go at everyone. They are full of poo and made this complaint up...probably while they were waiting at the food stamp office and had nothing better to do than write a fake letter...


And this is the cashier you say that you like? I would hate to see how you treat the ones that you do not like.

And, sir no matter where a person works and what their job details are doesn't not give you or anyone else the right to be disrespectful and rude. You were wrong in this case and I will charge it to you as a bad day on your part....You started out saying, you noticed your "favorite cashier" and you noticed that she was pregnant. She did not call you to her line; you went. And, as a woman, some women are not able to do the things during pregnancy that they did prior to.

And, if it looked like she was expecting soon, she should have not been lifting.

You put that water on the belt for your own sick satisfaction . She must be the "favorite cashier" that you wanted to torment that day.


You sir are a royal piece of garbage.


rot in ***, sir. rot.

in. ***.


I'm sure this is just a joke. if not, the original poster is obviously a lunatic.


If this is true, you are a horrible person for doing that to her.


She gets money no matter what. When pregnant, she can't lift more than a certain weight due to doctors orders.

That's called a disability. She is protected by law.

Would you have bitched out a deaf cashier for not hearing you? I think that if you do not apologize to that poor girl, there is a special place in *** for you.


Oh come on - this is a bogus complaint.

Seriously, no one can be that big of an ***

@Not Really

Yes they can be been there done that I have had things thrown at me bc I couldn't casher her check bc it was a two party check and she knew I couldn't bc she use to work there. so she took everything out of her cart and threw it right at me with her 2 yr old in the mind u and screaming profanes.

Been a cashier for 6 years. 22 years exp


You *** *** hole *** I'm a cashier at Walmart and would of done the same thing! I'm pregnant as will!

We are not your personal service! That's not our job to do! She could of had a miscarriage! You ignorant peace of ***!

Managers wouldn'tof taken your side no matter how angry you were! *** lazy ***! You ended up loseing by waisting your time and no one giveing two *** about you! They probably felt sorry for you!

You don't know how hard it is to be standing their for so long with nausea, backpain, n weakness but we do our best! Now gtfo and rub some dog *** on your face!

!! Don't put stress into a pregnant women either!


I work at walmart and I hate doing my job because I SU.ck at it.


Thank you. One more to add to the harassment and stalking pile.

I have already filed a police report for cyber stalking and harassment with the Naples police, along with screen shots and source pages of every post you have harassed me on.

Your ISP is being tracked. Have fun, because when you are caught, I will press charges.