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I'm about to start shopping other places, also. The cashiers need to know how to use the wal-mart savings catcher.

I've had some cashiers that were really helpful. They need to be trained on how to use the savings catcher.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Cashier.

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And they change the rules on the services almost as fast as it takes to get used to it. You can't upload a receipt for Savings catcher now unless you use their walmart pay.

Some can still upload receipts on the app for a digital copy but everyone I have seen using it are using it to gain a "five-finger-discount." Like someone said already, training is a throw to the lions for cashiers. Specific departments train better only because it has higher money going through, the equipment is more expensive, or they simply give them four to eight departments to do all on their own.


Well, Thank goodness that you don't work for the Post Office!


I worked as a Walmart cashier. The training stinks.

You are told to use antiquated computerized training system, then they stick you on a cash register by yourself. Walmart is a large company that is too big. It cuts corners with staff. Anyone who is fastidious about their work becomes frustrated and quits.

They did not care when, as a new cashier, I asked questions. They have too many stores, too many employees, and too little planning for business.