Glen Burnie, Maryland
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I was in the twenty or less lane and had a very rude woman with a bad attitude to begin with , she was in a very bad mood and was yelling at me to put my groceries very close to her , I was in the process of trying to get the food on the counter ,when she told me what my balance was , then I saw 2 of my items on the counter right in front of her , I told her they were mine and she said she knew they were mine and i asked her why she did not ring them up , she told me I did not put them in front of her , I said they are right in front of you and she said that she put them there .I had to pay her twice , I'm not sure why she treated me that way but I told her she needed an attitude adjustment . she went and got the manager who did not even ask what happened .

I feel like I was treated very bad and that the manager did nothing to help , I will not be shopping at Walmart anymore. this is the Walmart in GlenBurnie Md

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Cashier.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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The worst part was the manager is racist. She told me not to go in the twenty or less lane when I had more than 20 items.

I told her that I have seen white people go into the lane with more than 20 items, and she made the excuse that if it is not busy they allow it, I admit it was busy at the time I went but she is just making escuses. She made all sorts of escuses like when I found out the person in front of me had 21 items(that is more than 20 and I saw her bill said 21 items because the amount of items is printed on the bill, her escuse was they have a leeway, and when I asked why they did not have a leeway for me they made the excuse that her leeway was she had 21 items and my leeway was I had 40 items and that was double. (I was doing my monthly shopping) Another person had 25 bottles of baby food of the same kind her escuse was the same thing, when I called the manager out for the racism she threatened to kick me out of the store. Leeway my *** racism is what it is.

Just escuses to get out of being racist to black people. Also it won't hurt the cashier to stretch a little once in a while, she is overweight and she may shed 300 pounds if she lost weight, okay 300 points is an exgaraating but still.


Yeah again blame it on race when your own bad behavior caused this in the first place.


Of course you would bring race into this and hate people for being judgemental when you're just as bad. You knew that it was 20 items or less but you still went there.

Makes me think that you are leaving something out of this rant on purpose. Something tells me that she didn't really see the items there and that you may be lying to get sympathy.

If this actually happened, I am sorry. Not that I believe it actually did though.


If I was checking out, and someone, that I didn't come with, was standing close enough to me that they could read on my receipt how many items I bought, I would be pretty perturbed. You shouldn't be looking over people's shoulder to see how many items they have. That's rude.


Exactly! That isn't just rude, it's also a bit ***