Bentonville, Arkansas
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To Wal-Mart: While at the deli meat counter, the two women behind the counter were helping two women who were ahead of me. They were treating these women VERY well.

They seemed to be going out of their way to be helpful to these women and spoke in a very jovial and friendly manner. So what then is my complaint? All 4 women were speaking in Spanish while I was pretty much being ignored. It was not until the encounter with the Mexican women was totally exhausted that your Spanish speaking employees thought to even acknowledge my presence.

And when they did, their attitudes were noticeably different.

They treated me as though I was an annoyance to their day and never smiled once. This was at your store number 1 in Rogers Arkansas.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Not surprising. Hopefully President Trump is able

To do something. If these *** hole Democrats who are worried about losing a potential voting bloc would get out of the way or do their jobs.


So sick of this ***. These spics sneak into this country and refuse to learn our language and assimilate.

They treat Americans like *** and take advantage of us .

The government now condones it. If something isn't done soon the US is going to become an extension of Mexico.


If they were helping someone in the first place have you never heard of waiting your turn, and maybe your attitude of feeling like they should've helped you sooner put you in that situation


also they said that the customer only spoke spanish and no English. That is why they were speaking Spanish.

I think these spics were speaking Spanish because they were having a personal converasation.

They all need to go back home and give our jobs back to us. they are worthless and just come here to collect welfare off of our hard earned tax money.