WM adamantly refused to take a car battery back ($104.43) and refund my money. Wouldn't do it.

They wanted me to keep buying their Ever Maxx brand again, and again, and again. There didn't seem to be a way to get away from them and that brand. Lots of folks I'm sure have been content with this brand battery. I was not.

It lasted 9 weeks. I didn't want to swap it for another one. I will give WM customer service mgr kudos for offering an even-amount gift card, finally. Should have offered that two weeks ago.

An interesting CR article this month on the no-sue clauses that now accompany the vast majority of consumer purchases across the board. Arbitration, or you're out of luck, and arbitration is no guarantee of winning anything. Class-action lawsuits may disappear in ten years.

Be wary out there. On your toes.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Battery Replacement.

Location: Kathleen, Georgia

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Stay far away from evermax. Terrible batteries.


Why do people have such a hard time understanding warranties? The warranty says they will REPLACE the battery if it fails.

It doesn't say they will give you a refund if it fails.

Do your research on batteries before you make a purchase as their warranties all say the same thing. Yes, you will pay more for the best batteries on the market but there is a smaller chance you will need to use their warranty as well.


You should have thrown it them!

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