Lincoln, Nebraska

I was extremely upset to receive a cell phone text message at one a.m. I am an elderly person and this caused me a lot of stress since I was sure at that hour of the night only something bad would cause someone to text me.

And furthermore, I do not know how Walmart got my cell phone number. I certainly did not give it to them.

I have never liked Walmart and I like the store even less right now.

Please take my number off your calling list and leave me alone--whether it is day or night. I do not wish to be called.

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That's not walmart textng you. Its a scam.

Someone that you gave your number to probably sold your ino. You'll be getting those a lot.


No one gets paid to come to this site. Obviously "me" has no common sense, either that or they are angry because they were fired or shoplifting and have a criminal record thanks to "Walmart"

A little commons sense here would tell you that this is a spam phone call. none of these people work at WM. Seriously why do people assume that because someone tells a person they are wrong, when it is obviously they are being silly you automatically believe they work for the company. GROW UP.

Shame on you for not using common sense.


Walmart didn't pay me to come on this site. I just reply to some customer's *** complaints.

Have you seen some of the complaints lately.

So you agree with the customer who threw an item at the casher, tried to screw a cashier out of money, threw a fit because a cashier gave them too small of a bag, the customer who thought the cashier gave them cash back, the customer who was angry at the two employees joking around with each other, the customer who tried to have a pregnant cashier pick up a huge item, and the customer who thought it was the cashier's job to watch their child. Are you than insane?


I wonder how much Wal-Mart pays people to come on this site and write these posts? Do they think the whole world is ***?

There is NO WAY the abusive post are coming from anyone other than the Wal-Mart employees or someone getting paid! It really makes this site a joke. Calling everyone liars, suggesting the employees may have something going on in their life so they are allowed to be rude? That is customer service not bring your personal life to work!

If you are sick physically or mentally, stay home or quit. It makes Wal-Mart look horrible that there are a ton of posts defending any and all complaints. That is the biggest problem, instead of fixing it, they defend their bad behavior. Some people even admit in their post they work at Wal-Mart!!

I have never seen anything like this. Everyone, has a Wal-Mart horror story, so sorry, there is no way on EARTH most of these comments are pro Wal-Mart and anyone that says bad things are accused of being a liar. This site it not even helpful. To those of you who have valid complaints, you should go to a site that requires more info and monitered better AND are not attacked for telling your story...there are a ton of them.

This just shows that Wal-Mart is not happy just making you angry in the store.

It is not hard to see what is going on here, but anyone that puts Wal-Mart in google will find many pages and almost all of them are complaints!

Before, people start ripping me apart, not to worry, I going to the other websites too. Shame on Wal-Mart!


walmart isn't calling you, you said it was a text message. but it's not them, it was probably just some spam text.

basically a scam. learn about cell phones instead of blaming everyone else.


turn your cell phone off at night problem solved.


Stop using your age as a crutch.


The least this dummy could do is get her facts straight before making a fool of herself online It is not Walmart but a scam.

John N

I agree. A scam.

They are mass-dialing people's cell phones. Same as on the internet. They send out a million spam messages in the hopes that a few dopes will respond. And, of course, some do.

Best is for you to turn your cell phone off when you go beddy-bye. Make sure you never respond to anyone you do not know.


It's not Walmart that is calling you. It is a scam. Walmart has nothing to do with it.