San Antonio, Texas
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In the beginning of 2015, I attempted to pay some of my grocery bill at a Walmart and they would not count my less than $9 in change referring me to the change counter that charges you to count the change because it is the policy of Wallyworld that they will not count loose change. I went further up the street to the HEB and they were more than glad to accomodate counting my change.

I was desperate as my SS retirement check was later than usual and I was hungry. HEB has no policy concerning not counting loose change and so only in a blue moon will I buy anything from Wallyworld anymore and that statement comes from someone who was once head to toe Wallyworld and spent approximately $2000 per year there, but no more.

They have shown me to the door and I am more than glad to take my business exclusively to HEB a state owned store that pays more attention to the Texas customers,besides Wallyworld seems to be abusive of its own employees and pays them so little that they need welfare and food stamps to survive,they pay less than is right in my book. I will look everywhere else for what I need before I will even think of WW as they are are the last place on my list from now on.

Reason of review: cashiers not allowed to count loose change.

Preferred solution: When the change counting machines that charge a fee are eliminated,I might consider returning to purchase more at Wallyworld....

Walmart Cons: Less than competitive prices.

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It has been a month and I have not heard a peep from WWorld and so there is no love lost and I feel free to shop anywhere that I wish to shop and forget about Wworld and the Walton family's profit margin.


Great photo!


The Hunk is the best companion,watchdog and truck dog ever. I love dogs probably more than humans.


Sometimes a dog is a better person than a person. Great luck to you and your companion.

That being said walmart now accepts those food stamps. Kinda like scrip money. Much cheers in the boardroom that day. On another note I work at a gas station and when I see change like that I act like they just saved the day.

Oh thanks man we always need change.! Brahma


Well HEB does not get thousands of customers and Walmart does, why should you hold up already long lines because you have loose change? Then the other customers behind you would be upset.

You spend $2000 a year there, hate to break it to you, but that store probably makes that much profit in half an hour or even less. Your $2000 a year is nothing to them.

Take for example an average customer spends $100, that multiply by 5 registers, they already made $500 in two minutes, and deduct wages, and other things they probably made a profit of at least $300 if not more, divide 2000 by 300 and it is estimated that they make a $2000 profit in seven minutes. Wow, what you spend in a whole year they make in less than ten minutes, my original estimate of half an hour was wrong.


Then they can well do without my measly money and I can enjoy eating more of my own gardens healthy produce.