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We Went to the yuba city CA Walmart to get a New Keyboard & Mouse for our computer. We found a wireless combo an the shelf price said $24.88 So My husband & I put it in our Cart after looking at a couple of other keyboard & mouse combos. Good price! Got to the register and it rang up $49.00. WHAT? that is not what the shelf price was and there was 3 more on the shelf behind the one we took! The Manager said he would go do a price check. My husband & I waited at the register for him to come back. This took awhile. He came back and said No the price was $49.00. I don't like to be mean But on the way out I told My husband that He changed the price thats what took sooo long for him to return. My Husband said No He belives theres good in everybody! Not me! So before we left the store My husband went back to the shelf. Sure enough the Manager HAD CHANGED the shelf price to $49.00.

Walmart Sucks! We got ripped OFF BIG TIME!!!!!!!!!! They can check their security camera and see he did it Yuba City CA Store 7/13/2012

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Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

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TechnoMage sounds like a *** psycho.


" And while you are at it, record the conversation of these lying *** while they are lying to you. It is your only protection.

And legal in most states." It's only legal if both parties consent, and Wal-Marts policy is to prohibit picture taking and video recording within their stores.

So no - it's illegal.

Anyway, you sound like a pain in the fuсking aѕѕ by dragging up store shelves to prove a point. I would call that vandalism if you are removing shelves from the racks.


TechnoMage, I would like to know how you brought the entire rack to the registers?



I agree with you, then she should divorce her husband and disown he son for being against her and making her to be the liar.

jack f

I have brought the entire rack back to the register to prove a price. I do the checking, not the store employee.

WHY because I do not trust a store or business to do the right thing. I make sure they do the right thing. With the advent of a cel phone camera, take a picture of it. And while you are at it, record the conversation of these lying *** while they are lying to you.

It is your only protection. And legal in most states.


I feel bad for the OP, everyone is lying and against her, her husband, the store manager, the cashier, her eight year old son. Everyone is lying to make her look bad. :sigh :?


It was probably in the wrong spot. Best thing to do when shopping is to compare the jock numbers to make sure they match.

Sometimes other customers will grab items and move them. Even move labels.

:) The mgr did the right thing to correct the price so that no one else comes along and thinks its 24.99 when its really 49. Save more people from being upset that it was in the wrong spot.


And the worst of this is my husband lied and said that there was no price for $24.88. He made my eight year old lie as well.


I'm sure you changed the tag or maybe the product was in the wrong spot. what's next? you'll get a chair for the price of a box of cereal because you found it there?