Enoree, South Carolina

Bought Walmart brand HP45 & 78 ink cartridges instead of HP brand. Neither would work in my HP1115 Photosmart.

when I tried to return I was initially told that the plastic packs had been broken open, so I could not return or get a refund. I inquired as to how I cound determine they did not work unless I tried them out!!?? I got a lecture on specific Walmart policy about opened cartridge packages and was allowed to "exchange" upward from $50.00 to around $72.00, but for certain, NO REFUND BECAUSE I HAD OPENED THE THINGS*#%*.

Does anyone at Walmart make sense about such returns/refunds? The lecture I received for opening and trying the cartridges was rediculous.

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people use up the ink and then try to return it and there is no way of telling how much ink is in it. that is why you cant return ink.


I bought wrong cartridges from walmart too. But I was smart.

I didn't open my package.

I compaired the cartridge numbers before I opened the package. That's why the companies happen to have numbers on the packages and on the cartridges.


Umm. crackers, I believe even best buy has printer cartridges from china too. I don't think HP can afford to sell other non-walmart companies cartridges made from US and walmart gets just the china ones.


Have you ever thought og checking the web site to see exactly which cartridges you really need? DUH

@Sealife and Crackers - Same *** different jukebox. Please grow up.

Bobby J

:cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry WILL !!!!! you dumb *** kept them in business.


What do you expect from WalMart? You're buying cheap junk from China, dealing with a bunch of illiterate ***'s who can neither count, read or write proper English.

Most, or as least a majority, can't speak English.

They sure as *** can't make change. So expect what you get..poor service!


walmart is a multi billion dollar company. do they really care if you are not happy?


they just keep ranking in your money. YOUR MONEY!!!!!!!!!!