At the WM in Lenoir City, TN today they had an end cap display of Crystal Light On The Go Drink mix. The boxes there had 10 ea for $1.97. To the left of this display was another smaller display of the same type, however some of the packages were in original packaging from Crystal Light that said "50% More Free." Above this display also was a price sign of $1.97. I picked three boxes of the 15 and went to check out at the self checkout. Those boxes rang up for $3.00!

I called a clerk over and told what the signs said and she said, there are 15 in these boxes. I said "I know. The display said 50% More Free." She said, "So you don't want them." I told her I did not want them at that price, but I did if there were $1.97 as the sign stated. Without saying anything she took them off and then re-priced them at $1.97. I thanked her, but....

This was not the first time I found WM charges more for the manufacturer's free or bonus packs. I find this deceptive and if you notice it please make your complaints known.

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Walmart and Target's computer systems price items by weight...thus it doesn't necessarily realize that it's a bonus pack instead of a different size. It's a very crappy system that leads to delightful experiences such as these

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #137643

I can afford to pay that. It is just I dont think it is fair to pay more for the 50 percent free so I moved them to the $1.97 area since that should be the price.

They were in $3 section and they should have been in the $1.97 section. It is not that I cannot afford $3. I just don't think I should have to pay that much. when the five packages are supposed to be for free.

Like I said I had this problem before when they misplaced items and I had to place them in the correct spot to get them for the price they should be. They try to trick you by placing items for where they are more expensive so you don't know about the cheaper price. I switched toe sunscreen as well because it said 25 percent free.

If they are going to offer 25 percent free and 50 percent free, and the other items are on sale so should these. It is a shame that we have to do their work and repace stock to get the fair price.

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #137637

Kid, you got what you wanted. Why are you complaining.

They obviously felt sorry for you since you could not afford to pay extra. They could have easily told you that you have to pay the full price, but they felt sorry for you since you could not afford to pay that much.


They do this all the time...happened with 2 cans of sunscreen the other day. Can said 25% more free, however it rang up at a higher price for that can.

Target does this as well.

If they put something on sale, and you pick up a bag/can etc that has a manuf "% more free"...they do not honor those, and use the excuse that it's not the quantity that the ad states! I hate retail!

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