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I made my purchase online Thursday, December 4, 2014. The total purchase price was $488.29.

Online it showed my order would be ready today, Friday 12/5/14. I received a email thursday night stating i need to call customer service to confirm my order. I called Friday, they confirmed my order and said it should be at my walmart but I should call ahead. I went to walmart, they said i had to come back bc the site to store pick up didn’t open until 10am.

I came back at 10, they were very disorganized with the site to store pickup, one lady was taking the order number then going to look in the back for the product. I waited at walmart for over an hour and they informed me my merchandise was still on the truck and I should come back Saturday. Right now, Friday Night, I get a email that my order was cancelled due to it being out of stock. This is very upsetting, how in the world can i place an order online and my account get debited if you don’t have the product.

Is this a scam? Is walmart now involved in fraud and misleading the consumer? I call customer service and they say I won’t get a refund until 7 days! Again, what type of game are you playing walmart.

You take my money, falsely confirm my product is on the way but then cancel the entire order and keep almost $500 of my hard earned money in which I can’t even go out and buy another one, until I get my refund. This makes me not want to shop at Walmart at all, and stick with Target and Meijer.

Very bad business practice. I can live without Walmart and will start doing so.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Account.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Monetary Loss: $500.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

Walmart Cons: Customer service, Lack of stock.

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Yes the same.thing happened to me they took 213.00out of my account and cancelled my order saying that my transaction was fraudulentWell after 4 days the money was returned to my account.but im still pissed offThey full of *** and i still want to sue


They are still doing this. I ordered a TV online.

The order went through, then they cancelled it. Now they tell me I won't give me the money back until 5 or more days. This is theft as far as I'm concerned and they should be procecuted. Billion dollar company and they can never seem to get anything right.

They've always been "profit over people" so I guess we're the real idiots for giving them our business. My family boycotted them for 3 years when they got caught using federal and state welfare programs in replacement for for their employees benefits.

This company (and it's leadership) has always been pretty disgusting, and it looks like it will never change. My family will be shopping elsewhere and this time, it's permanent.


I went thru the same thing, ordered a wii u for 330 bucks and then find out my order was cancelled and I call and ask why, the *** on the phone says well sir you're a first time Walmart online buyer? and so I repeat my question why cancelled and he says the same thing and adds well it was your bank you need to call them and so I do and they say everything is fine but Walmart withdrew the $330..

I'm really pissed now, so I call back their customer service and confront them that they cancelled my order for no reason and have the nerve to take money out of my account, WTF?? and I tell the guy then put my money back in my account right *** now and say, well sir, it will take a few days!?

To this day I have not had my money returned and I plan to sue these *** crooks.. it will be fun!


I was offered a 25 dollar promo code for them stealing my money and cancelling my order. They should be sued!!!