Moundsville, West Virginia

walmart is getting rediculously high on food. it is cheaper for me to buy fast food for supper than to buy enough items to make supper from walmart, and i have a family of six!

chips are about 5 dollars a bag. thats right FIVE DOLLARS FOR A *** BAG OF CHIPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! to make hamburgers and baked potato it is cheaper to buy from wendys or mcdonalds by the time you buy each item and waste gas and time, and of course the cost of electricity for cooking the items. how are they doing this?

they drove out all of the other grocery stores in our area besides the iga, no more winn-dixie, sav-a-lot, they drove them out of buisness with their at first lower prices, and now you cant afford to eat at walmart.

the only place higher than walmart is the local gas station, walmart should change it's slogan , they do not have low prices!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Nuuk, Vestgronland, Greenland #32645

Well perhaps you should work on your education instead of comparing prices. Seriously I have a sister in Kindergarten and Madeline can write a better letter than you.

However if you want other's to see your complaint you can go to planetfeedback. I am a regular member there.


Everything is high these days but Obama will fix it yeah right what a joke.

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