I went into Walmart today to cash my paycheck and I guess that they had gotten new machines well it wouldn't read my check I'm not too mad about that what I'm mad about is the fact that they ended up RIPPING my paycheck in the process of trying to cash it and wrote all over the back of it the lady then taped it and tried again before handing it to another lady who then tried to blame me for taping it and when I explained to her that I didn't do it that the other lady did she acted as if I was lying which I found to be extremely rude. Then the first lady who tried to cash it then told me that they had just gotten new machines and that they'd been having trouble with them reading the thinner Tulle

Type of checks if she knew that she shouldn't of wrote all over the back until after she tried. She then gave me my ripped and written all over check back and said there's nothing they could do luckily I was able to cash it somewhere else being ripped and what not.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Cashing.

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