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My wife was injured and is using a wlker to get around, but after a short time on her feef the pain increases. She is unable to use the electric carts, the injury was to her hip and sitting also causes a lot of pain.

She needed a coulpe item from a Walmart. While there, I asked a floor associate where somthing was and a manager told him to get to the back room, that all floor associates were needed to unload trucks. I told the manager he was helping me and was ignored. I finally found the item, got to the register and found that only 2 of the 30 was open.

Long lines at each, and when I asked about getting more opened was told I should wait and my attitude was not appreciated. I will never to there again.

This was why Kmart all but went out of bussiness. Take a lession from their failures.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Walmart Pros: Location and product selections.

Walmart Cons: How they treat their associates, Managment doesnt follow up.

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First thing, did you ask the manager for help when he sent the associate away? And second, where exactly do you think they were hiding the cashier's?

Do you not think if there were anymore they would be on the register?

Keeping the staff cut to a minimum is how you get cheap prices. You want more registers open? More floor help?

Then shop at any other store than Walmart. Then you can come here and complain about why everything costs so much.