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I spend almost 1000 a month at walmart. We like to shop early on Saturday or Sunday.

There is never any checkers there since they put in the auto matic checkers! I don't want to check out 250 dollars worth of food every weekend. The only checker is 20 items or less. They can go to the auto matics!!!!!

If you have only one checker put them on a normal check out line. There is normally 3 people in customer service at 6 in the morning which is crazy to me. Now there is a person in the Jewerly department at 6.

If people need to cross train to be cashiers then do it!!!!! Open more registers by 6 everyday!!!!!!!!!!

Reason of review: Amount of Cashiers on Weekends.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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Who and where in Walmart is decided by a computer in head office. For the staff to have changes made they have to send a request in to head office. Must be a mac.


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If you need cashiers to come running, do what I do. I pull out my dic/pecker and they respond fast. They love the baloney pony.


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Go later in the day and quit bit**ing. They aren't going to open more registers just for you!


I agree, and if they did open more registers you would be complaining they raised the prices because they have to pay the employees. Money does not grow on trees, ask mommy or daddy how retail works.

BTW this message is to the OP not anonymous. Just wanting anonymous to know I agree with her completely.


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don't thank kevin, he'll screww you too. beware.