Rice Lake, Wisconsin
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Why is it that your customers do not come first? Every time I shop at your store in Rice Lake WI there are long lines and your lucky if there are 3 to 4 check outs open at a time.

Your self serve check outs do not work half the time. Then to find customer assistants, well that is another story all in its self. I do know how hard it is to work with public as I my self have. For every complaint you receive is a negative reflection on your business.

Please take the time to review how each of your stores are performing. Customer satisfaction is the key to running a successful business.

Than you for listening.

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It doesn't seem to matter complaning about long lines at registers ,30 of them on sight, 4 open on a saturday evening, self checkouts closed. It takes 10 min to shop and at least 1/2 hr.

to check out. I mean this is really sad. i don't know who is really the blame, management or corpoarte. i really think i'm wasting my time with this complaint cause i see others just like it and still no change.

i guess your the only game in town, and your attitude is take it or leave it.maybe someone will stand up and personally inspect these stores. I guess we'll see

First Born Triplet

the issue is customers don't care about the long lines because you pay cheaper prices so that holds up the line. The other problem is they keep the prices that low because they don't have to pay more cashiers, so people hate the lines but return to save money.


This isn't the WalMart web site. If you want their corporate people to see your complaint you have to go their web site.

That being said, anytime I have been in a WalMart, if there gets to being a few people at a check out they open another lane or however many is needed. I find it hard to believe you are as experienced in working with the public, as you make it sound, because some of your spelling and punctuation is horrendous.