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I think Walmart should change their policy to check receipts when customers leave. You have just stood in line for a long period of time and paid the cashier and then you get harasses as you leave the register to see the sales receipt and have to stand in line again.

I spoke to a manager regarding this policy in Athens Al. And suggested that Walmart should find another solution then making the customer wait in line again and was told that is their policy. Walmart employees are so rude to customers. I will go a few extra miles and shop at Target where I am appreciated as a customer and not treated so rude.

Walmart really needs to work on customer service.

Most employees act like they are doing you a favor if you happen to find someone to ask a question. I do not see other stores asking to see your sales receipt when you leave so there must be something different that works for them than to inconvience their customers.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Walmart Cons: Costomer service.

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Checking receipts seems to be something some store managers do and others don't. Of the 4 stores I shopped only one checked receipts and eventually stopped.

It was a pretty *** thing to doc as the person checking receipts watches you check out and then looks at the receipt and only checks large items not in a bag. All it did was upset customers by causing them delays in exiting the store while the shoplifters were walking behind the person checking receipts from honest people and out the entrance door.


The WalMart in my area used to check receipts but now does not. Thus, it is apparently not a company-wide policy.

You might want to go farther up the food chain and find out exactly who ordered this particular location to check receipts.

Or, do as smart consumers do---shop elsewhere. Why would you allow those people to treat you like dirt, or as a criminal?


the point is if this person were innocent she or he would not have an issue with showing a receipt.


Point is you wait in line to check out and walk a few steps to wait in line again. There are dishonest people, but the majority are honest.

You're at Walmart, you're not walking out of Tiffany's. I have an issue with having to prove my innocence and being considered guilty for no reason.

Your a FOX News fan aren't you? Baaaaaa little sheep.


Like they stated innocent people have no issue with showing the receipt. That is why they have these greeters anonymous aka unfairhiringprastices.


The issue is here that most of the people they hire as greeters are mentally retarded. They do exactly what they are scripted to do.

I myself do not support the company for hiring these people when a normal person can do a job.

I am sure there are homes for these people with nurses willing to take care of them. The manager of the store got angry and kicked me out because one of these mentally retarded people could not do her job properly.


I really hope that this statement isn't real & that whomever did this is just trolling. If not,you're a completely disgusting person for making fun of someone who is mentally impaired & who is also trying to give back to society by having a job.

If people made comments to you about your utter lack of intelligence & about the fact that you're a complete *** you'd probably be the type to cry 'bully' to anyone within earshot. I'm glad the manager kicked you out of the store for what you said, you clearly do not belong out in public


You are getting tiresome with your ignorant rudeness.

@get a life please

Did I ask for your opinion, no so *** Don't like my rudeness get off this site, just stating facts.

@get a life please

It's not my opinion, it is fact. You are rude, ignorant, and tiresome.

I don't know what has happened in your life to make you so hateful, but I feel bad for you. I won't *** but I will pray for you.