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I've been shopping Walmart 25 years, it happens quite often even during the week and Sundays about 7AM. Buy groceries and go to checkout and no cashiers or just the one on 10 items or less that also sells cigarettes with 2x2 counter.

Yes a lot of self checkout machines but when you have a lot of vegetables very time consuming. I have spoken with the managers on quite a few occasions. They tell me to contact headquarters. Yes trying to keep prices down and higher more employees and give raises.

NOT FULLING ME! its more pay for more stores. This city has 5 stores. Well back to the story, The cashier with the line I was in asked customer support for help and the support person said its not my job which caused a slight altercation.

After I checked out I mentioned to the customer support they need more cashiers of which I received a loud verbal call headquarters or management.

This is ridicules this has happened before. I will no longer shop at any Walmart...….

Preferred solution: Have more cashiers available, early morning, customer is priority!!!.

Location: 167 Northshore Blvd, Slidell, LA 70460

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There are parts of this complaint that I Do Not understand.


What part of crazy don't you understand?


Do you think the cashiers work for nothing? Payroll is the only real controllable expense a store has so they do everything they can to keep their payroll costs down and that includes self check out lines.

They can't start turning off lights, turning off the heat in the winter, not pay taxes or mortgages on the stores. Cost of goods have gone up with all the tariffs Trump has imposed.

How do YOU suggest they stay competitive with the on-line retailers? It is certainly your choice to shop somewhere else but expect to pay more at a store without self check out lines.

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