Des Moines, Iowa

I was in the garden center at Walmart and there was a 3 shelf display of numerous kinds of plants. 2 Big signs taped on shelves said, All Plants Half Price.

Prices as Marked. I picked up a small Ivy. No Price was on it. Ther were no prices on any of the plants.

As I was walking into the store 2 clerks came out, I held up to plant to ask the price and one clerk said, They didn't know, ask the checker. So I picked up some Milk and garden impliment and went to checker. She dead Panned a Hello...I smiled and I told her my story. She said, All sale items have Red Tags.

I said there wasn't any Red Tags to be seen. She just looked at me. Didn't say a word, then scanned it. She said $4.50....I knew that was too much...I said I didn't want it.

She scanned my items , said $10.35, ...I paid her...then I looked her in the eye and said. "Can I ask you to do me a favor?

Smile at your next customer...." She was so rude. Not once did she smile of offer anything but negative feedback...

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Stop harassing the cashiers. They don't smile because of smug *** like you.


the original poster didn't smile, they just expected the cashier to smile for them. I'm sure they remained anonymous because they're probably wanted for harassing the employees.

$4.50 is expensive for a plant? what were you expecting, a $1? ***.

@nikaseyn calm down, Ethan was in the right here. no need to throw a childish fit like the original poster.

@thevillageidiot the reason why mom and pop shops have better customer service is because they usually aren't too busy like major stores because they carry less products with higher prices so they have more time to help you.

a few employees at one time at big retail stores like Walmart are busy with one customer asking them about a price because they're too dumb to read the sign, another trying to get a discount on an opened item, another asking if mail in rebates are the same as instant savings, another customer trying to ask where the toothpaste or something random is located at, another asking for help with reaching a product that's too high for them, another customer that's begging for a product that's out of stock on the shelf, another asking if they can return an open box of cereal and a printer bought 3 years ago, another customer asking to be rung out at a lane that's not open because they're too impatient to wait in line and the phone ringing constantly.

yeah, all at the same time. and what the *** is Meijer?


The OP sounds like a p r i c k - the kind of people associates *** about in the break room and managers laugh about in the office.


I remember reading that. Did she not think that since she left it in the store it was not theft?


i agree with Jedi Knight Ethan you sound like snob get over yourself maybe they had a long day maybe your just to *** ugly to smile at you ppl are so ***




So I guess you can't tie your shoes either since Walmart hired you. By they way, you stole the pen not borrowed it. :grin


This is too *** to even comment on.


Even if everything you say is true, Walmart did nothing wrong. If there's no tag on it then it's not on sale.

Duh. You're driving them crazy over cents and then you come on the internet to whine that the poorly paid stiff behind the counter didn't smile at you??

Geez. Get a life.


So you want dirt-cheap prices on low-quality, inferior goods made by Chinese wage-slaves that, in the process has killed our own manufacturing sector. AND you want quality service coming from minimum wage workers with no benefits.

Welcome to the new America. You can't have it all. The sooner we all stop shopping Big Box, the better off our country will be.

Time to go back to Mom & Pop's corner store if you want service. You might pay a few cents extra- but their jobs and your customer experience are worth it!

John N

Kindly pay no attention to "jedi Knight Ethan" as he not only has delusions of grandeur, but forgot to take his meds this morning. Mommy did not remind him to.

As for WalMart, this is standard operating procedure with them---put no price on items; make it impossible to find a price anywhere; hire people who have problems tying their shoes and thus of no help when you need it; and not firing cashiers who are rude, crude and stewed. I recommend you shop at Meijer is one is in your area.


If you are upset because someone did not smile at you you have mental issues. Maybe she is not smiling because of rude people like you making *** comments and remarks.


If you are upset because someone did not smile at you you have mental issues. Maybe she is not smiling because of rude people like you making *** comments and remarks.