Overland Park, Kansas
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i was at walmart shopping i had to get speakers from automotive there in a locked cabinet i had to pay for them in automotive to get them and then i did the rest of my shopping and then i went to checkout when i was checking out the person accuses me of stealing them and when i tell that person i have a receipt she insisted i was a liar be for looking at it and treets me trach and she never apologises and she never tells me thank you for shopping at walmart after all that if you were me would you shop at walmart i will never shop at walmart. walmart needs to closed for good why would you shop at this trach stor

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After purchasing my items I like to put the large items back on the bottom of the cart and when the greeters try and stop me to ask to see a receipt I keep walking I don't have to prove anything to them, if they think I've stolen something they will have to prove it without my help. When they ask to see my receipt I tell them NO its in my purse and I'm not stopping to dig it out and if I do I will go directly to the customer service counter and return everything. I haven't shown my receipt in years they know me now and don't F-uc-K with me!


you are a tool bag, it needs to close because they asked to see your receipt? how do you get dressed in the morning?