North Fork, California
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I just left Walmart in Clovis, CA. It is the new one on Herendon.

I was using my credit card. I wanted to put $40.00 on my credit card and pay the other $20.00 cash. The checker told me she hardly ever checks and doesn't know how to do it. Calls someone over and he didn't know the correct enter to make.

He kept telling me you can't buy food and other items with your debit card. I told him it wasn't a debit card it was my credit card. I am 66 years old and he talked to me like I was ***. He said he could call a supervisor over and explain it to me.

I told him I didn't need someone to explain it to me. They were both very rude to me. If a checker does not know how to do all the transactions they might incounter they shouldn't be checking. I told them I do this at this Walmart quite often.

He said he didn't know what to tell me. Maybe if Walmart paid more money to their employees they would get better people to work there.

I think I will start doing most of my shopping at Target. The people that work there are very helpful and know how to treat their customers/.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Walmart Cons: Customer service is awful.

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I have this problem at a lot of stores when I have two forms of payment and it always pissed me off they never know how to do it..I feel like jumping behind register and doing myself...all they have to do is put the lower amount of payment in and the form....then when remaining balance shows up then you pay that with whatever other form like normal......duh


I would think that someone that is 66 years old would know the difference between being told "no" and "rude" Guess I am wrong. Also you should know to double space between sentences. How you have a right to be angry, but perhaps the cashier was new?