Ball Ground, Georgia

We've been buying the 20oz Sam's bottled water for some time. But recently all the bottles have had a very strong chemical smell and taste.

It's undrinkable. I've never tasted or smelled tap water this bad anywhere in the country, and I've lived all over the country.

We are throwing all these Sam's bottles out. I may send off a bottle for testing, cost $30 at a Georgia University.

I need a clean source of water to mix with my meds.

Sam's isn't cutting it.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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You think maybe the hours and hours of burning hot sunlight might have something to do with it? See you ppl make some huge ASSumptions about the products you purchase.

You seem to think that the bottle of water in your hand is fresh, comes straight from the spring, and free of pollutants. All of which are wrong. Odds are that water was bottled months ago and sat around waiting to be shipped. Then it’s shipped not directly to the store, but to a giant warehouse where it sits some more.

Then it’s shipped out to the store and guess what happens. That’s right!! It sits around some more. In all that TIME that bottle of water sat it was subjected to many different environments.

Many different temperatures. Sometimes spending a few days outside in a shipping yard. Sometimes spending a week or more. In all those different environments and temperatures and exposure to radiation at some point the very plastic holding the water leeches into the water.

There are no mines that produce plastic. It’s a purely man made substance comprised of chemicals. At some point you have to realize all of this. The very idea that water in a plastic bottle is better for you is laughable.

You are TRUSTING that what they say is in the bottle. Your best bet is to get a reusable aluminum drinking bottle and a home/sink filter system. You have become complacent because it’s easier to buy the bottled water then do the work needed. It’s your choice and it’s your body and I have no place to tell you one way or the other.

I’m just letting you know that you’re being poisoned by the very medium in which the product is sold. The PLASTIC BOTTLE is the culprit.

It’s leeching the very chemicals it’s made of into the water. However as I said it’s your body.


I worked in a water bottling factory for one day, I quit because my given nickname at the plant was "white boy" and the forklift I was assigned was very old dangerous... an accident waiting to happen which was exactly why the previous driver was fired!.

Anyway, at this factory there were water tankers making deliveries throughout the day. The tankers would get their fill from a local spring and unload them into a bigger tank. There was also a huge water main coming into the building filling up the same tank the spring water was in. Needless to say the bottles would say "spring water" but not to what percentage, it is a mix of spring and tap.

In the warehouse part of the plant I would see all the various brands that would leave the factory. At least ten different "brands" of water (what a joke) were produced there.

Sams Choice, Poland Spring, Tim Horton's, and others I can't remember. My point is, bottled water is a huge scam and I have not paid for a bottle of it since I was a teenager and I'm in my thirties now.


I never have been fool enough to buy a bottle of water in my entire life. Why pay for something that you can get for free? If I'm gonna pay a dollar for a bottle of something to drink, I'll buy juice or soda or Gatorade.


...And Chocolate Milk or Whole Milk. I never have been particularly fond of skim milk.


It tastes horrible. It's supposed to be an alternative to bad unsafe tap water and makes you nauseated when you drink it and worse when taking medication specifically for GERD and LPR which totally gives you heartburn instead of eleviate it.

It should help you feel better drinking it.

But I don't understand the taste or the texture of it. If feels like it's making me ill and that I'm consuming something bad for my health!


i just bought a case of plastic bottled water at walmart (the brand is "sam's choice") & it smelled PUTRID. i may just feed it to my plants but it doesn't seem right to even give it to my dog.

it's like a rotting odor mixed with the smell of magic marker. i've never smelled water this bad before (i found this website searching to see if anyone else had this experience).


I couldn't smell but it is very putrid!! Horrible and disgusting with other words to say the least.

I agree.

I felt sick trying to be healthy drinking it! Yes...take it off the shelf please!


So then buy another brand of water! There's only like 20 different brands out there! LOL!


Bottled water is unregulated.

It it spring or filtered? Sounds like filtered. I get he filtered water at WM in 1gal refills at .37, and it's fine.

Do yourself a favor and get one of those filters you put on the faucet, Or, get a whole house filter.