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I have been to several of your Wal Mart stores in Gainesville, Fl. Several times I have heard children screaming their guts out and crying hysterically.

As I searched the store to see why the child was crying so hysterically, to find out that they were getting their ears pierced. Parents holding them down with employees trying to inject a needle into their little ears. I didn't know Wal Mart had a licensed medical person/persons to do such a thing right in the middle of the jewelry department. I heard several people complain about this and I have been present seeing this happen to children several times in your stores.

I would think that Wal Mart would supply your employees with a proper place in the store to do this, and to see that the person or persons having this done is of legal age. Hoping this letter brings some light to your eyes and EARS. The next time I see or hear a child crying in one of your stores I will definitely call Child Protective Services on you.

Thank-You, a Concerned Citizen for the Children of our world. :)

Reason of review: piercing of children ears in store..

Preferred solution: Do not pierce childrens ears in store..

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Well, my feeling is that any parent that would hold their child down to get their ears pierced is actually doing it for there own reasons, not the child's. The child might have wanted their ears priced, then chickened out. Okay, maybe at a later time.

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While I agree that if the child is this scared of getting their ears pierced they should wait until the child is older I have to also say one thing, there is no legal age to get your ears pierced as long as the parent says it is okay. However I can just see the next time the OP sees a child crying in the store.

Child : Can I have a lollipop?


Parent: No, it is close to lunch time.


Child : (starts crying) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- OP : Calls CPS for abuse.


I don't even know where to begin, your thinking is so convoluted and misinformed.


A medical license to peirce ears? Are you serious?

Do you really think the employees at tattoo/piercing parlors, Claires, Piercing Pagoda, etc all have medical licenses? A medical license is not required to pierce ears. In fact, anyone can buy a piercing gun and pierce ears.

They do have a place in the store to do this: the jewelry department, where you yourself have seen it done.

Legal age for getting your ears pierced? What age is that?

The parent (who I know is present since you yourself stated it) or guardian signs a waiver. Have you seriously never seen a child walking around with pierced ears before this experience?

You do as you like, but I'm sure you will be laughed at for calling child protective services for this.


First of all you do not need a medical license to pierce ears...duh!! Secondly, the person having their child's ears pierced has to sign a waiver, meaning they have to be at least 18 years old and have proof of age to get this done for them or their child.

How about minding your own business.

If a person wants to have their child's ears pierced that's on them. Geeze...nosy Nelly...get a life!!


You're weird.

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