For three days my daughter wanted a Bratz board game. We went to the toy department to buy the game for three days this past month. All three times you were out of the game. My daughter is nine years old and she really likes Bratz. The third time she was told that they would no longer be carrying the product until Christmas. I demanded to see a manager. I told him about how my daughter was disappointed in not getting a game which she earned herself by doing chores around the house. I did not raise my voice I was just disappointed. I told him that I am a registered nurse and that I spend over $1000 a week at the store. All he could do was apologize. Had he really wanted to make me a happy customer he would have offered me a gift card of some kind, but all he could do was apologize. He did not even apologize to me he apologized to my daughter.

I told the man inside the toy department that he made my daughter cry. Another customer came up and said my daughter was not crying because she was upset she was crying because I was yelling and it was scaring her. She did not cry until I started yelling. This was true but the real reason she was crying was because that *** in the toy department was not doing his job well and ordering toys. I also told the customer that I am a registered nurse and make 90k a year. I work ten hours a day and do not need smart aleck comments form her just because she is jealous of the amount of money I make. Why I probably make twice as much money as her. The customer and the toy deparement person's behavior of not doing his job properly leads to disappointment and abuse of a nine year old girl. To top it all the customer was abusing my daughter by acting like she was simply crying because I was yelling. Again I did not yell. I just raised my voice a bit.

I had to go to your store three times and at 4 dollars a gallon for gas I feel that I should have gotton a bit more than an apology. I feel that I should have gotton six $50 dollar gift cards for the trouble I went to taking my daughter to and from the store. I come up with six because I want 3 for my daughter as she was abused when the toy department employee made her cry by not having her game in stock and me having to put up with this incompetient emplyee and manager.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Gift Card.

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Kirbyville, Texas, United States #436185

Yeah right $1000 a week you spend at Walmart, that means you spend $4000 a month and $52000 a year. That added to your gas money, your house hold expenses, your gas money to and from work, ect lets say gas and household expenses cost you $750, a month that means that you spend $7500 in 10 months, plus another $1500 for the two extra months making $9000, then there are other stores, lets say $100 a month, $1200 a year. Add all this up you still have a profit of roughly $15000 a year and you are still complaining and asking for freebies what gives?

Kirbyville, Texas, United States #436182

Maybe she has a side business and she sleeps with doctors to make extra money?


first off the average income of a registered nurse is between 42000 to aproximately 55000: I probably bring home about 3200 a month and that's before taxes. I have a four year degree.

You must be the presidents personal nurse. The only nurse that makes that kind of money would be a PA or a nurse anesytist. Not sure if I spelled that correctly but its true. I spend around a hundred to two hundred a week for grceries and usually have no problems from walmart.

U must be young because the way that you behaved was so ugly and you are abusing your daughter because you are teaching her terrible habits. Who cares if she didn't get the dang game she wanted because nobody gets everything they want in life. Grow up and be a parent and teach your daughter to be a lady.

If you have so much money then by all means invest in a computer and internet. You are the reason she didn't get that game because you dint try to find it.


No RN in the world is pulling down 90k. A nurse practitioner, maybe. And that's a pretty *** big maybe.

Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India #241234



your daughter was not abused.

unless they promised to have the toy in stock on any of the three days you went back in there.

and even then your daughter wasn't abused, but lied too.

no where does it guarntee all items will be in stock.

this could have been a great lesson for your daughter on how to deal with disappointment.

and last, perhaps it was TPTB way of saying your daughter does not need a HOOTCHIE MOMMA toy.

of all things to pitch a *** fit over..........bratz!


I'm sorry, you make 90k a year and you shop at the Wal Mart? and you act like that?

I'll spell it out for you: your daughter was crying because she was ashamed of you. You were the one acting like a spoiled brat and your six-year-old had enough sense to be ashamed.

It's obvious your husband is raising your children right, because it's certainly not you.


I don't shop at Wal mart anymore because of

Store #4425

7818 Colonial West Drive

Orlando, FL 32818 and Yolanda in Automotive !


You are a ***.


oh another gem from THIS lady. lol

guys, this is a troll. this can't be real. i think some person made this up trying to get reactions out of people.

and if it is real....well then she has major issues.

still this post is good for a laugh...



Umm, agree! U definitely have issues!

If u make that kinda of money and really wanted to get her the toy so bad....why would u not do site to store? Or walmart.com and have it sent to your house?!There is also EBAY! What in the world could u be spending that much money on weekly in walmart?

That is just no where near SMART!!! QUIT LOOKING FOR A HANDOUT!!!Be a Good role model for your daughter

You make 90k a year and spend over 52k of it at WalMart? That's sad...I can't even get past the first page, this is so bad.

Surely it's a joke and there's not really someone this asinine out there somewhere raising a child? :upset
Sounds like she was buying the appropriate game - BRATZ. :grin
I wanted to buy a new Chevy at my wal-Mart - but alas - they had none - maybe they'll give me a gift card since I make sooo much money but am too cheap/lazy to go somewhere else.

....all I can say is I never ever reply to anything posted on the internet...but I will make an exception this time to say that you my dear, are indeed an ***. And that was me being polite, because God forbid you say I abused you too.


All I can say is I want my wife to read this. She works at a Wal-Mart.But, in the deli so she might be safe????????.


LMAO! That is a fine example of a college educated ***.

I'll remember not to go to the clinic you're working at. I don't know why your daughter was crying but my 6 year old would NEVER throw a fit over a toy. Especially in a public place.

I hope you got your board game. For some reason the name Bratz seems fitting.


Wow... that tells me everything I ever needed to know about a career with Wal


poor bloody associate, I feel bad for him... and even I can't stand Wal Mart.

Also, yeah, all I can say is Wow, You are something ma'am...


Once I went to Wal-Mart for a DVD. They were out so I demanded 3 $50 gift cards for my trouble.

Not reall.

If they are out of the product wait, go to another store and buy it, or order it online. Stop being a *** ***.


Excuse me,but exactly HOW did Walmart associates abuse YOUR DAUGHTER?? OH, it's all in your head.

What a shame, using a kid to try and get a free handout. You need to have your head examined;consequently, if your continues living with YOU, so will she.

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