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My son is still with his loser father. I was shopping with my ten year old daughter. She was getting board and asked if she could look around the store.

As I was walking to the food department to get some food my daughter noticed me and started crying. I asked her what was wrong. She told me that there was someone doing demos for a new product and when she went and asked for a sample they told her no.

I went to the lady doing the demo and asked her why she denied my daugher the food. The lady told me that she did not say my daughter was not allowed to have any of the sample but that they require a parents permission before giving a sample to children. So they would rather starve her than make her happy. Probably because they are jealous of how much money i make. My daughter is ten not four why should I have to be there to give permission for her to sample things. To add to her dismay she told me that she was trying to see a toy from the toy department. It was too high and she climbed a ladder to go and get it and was told that the person in the department was mean to her and asked her to get down.

I asked her to point out who it was and she pointed to a man working in the toy department. He was mean to her before by not having her favorite toy. He told me that she was not allowed to climb the ladder. I asked to speak to a manager because two employees treated my daugher like a second class citizen.

The manager came up. From the expression I got the feeling that he did not want to deal wtih me again. I told him that my daughter was mistreated by two employees. He did not seem to care and even lied to me saying that the person doing the demos was from another private company. What nerve he has to lie to my face. I make much more money than he does.

I think to make up for the rudeness and abuse from these TWO employees my daughter should have been given a gift card and me for putting up with these lies.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Gift Card.

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Seriously? What the *** does it matter if you make more money then them?

SHOP SOMEWHERE ELSE! He did not lie it is quit commonly known that the people who pass out sample do not work for the store they are contracted out by a private company.

And what was your daughter doing climbing on a ladder? Maybe you should worry about what your daughter is doing instead of blaming everyone else!


lady you need professional help. you dont know what they were giving your daughter.

she could have been allegic to an ingredient. then you most likely wouls sue.

secondly who the *** are you some celebrity. you are a nurse.

no celebrity. no body cares who you are beside your family. which i wouldnt blame them for not wanting to go out in public with you since you are EMBARASSSING.

THats why your husband divorced you. To bad he couldnt take your kids away because you are a HORRIBLE mother.


There are so many clues in this rant, and many others, by Complaint265 that reveal a very psychologically disturbed person. Three that 'tell the tale' are:

"My son is still with his loser father".

"Probably because they are jealous of how much money i make."

"I make much more money than he does."

I strongly believe that Walmart ,any other similar business, or even MAD would take better care of your children than you!

The above portion of this comment is much more politically correct than you deserve. What I really mean is:



To: Complaint 265,

Walmart employees should be given bonus wages for having to put up with whiney *** holes like you and your spoiled brat. Yeah you would probally love them to let your little brat climb all over where ever she wants so you could sur them for something that was your fault for letting the little brat go where ever she wants in the store wonder how *** you will feel when some psycho walks off with your kid because you were not there to watch her!!!

Whiney *** jerks like you make me want to puke so why don't you go back to your 90,000 $ a year nursing job stick a gun up your sorry a *** pull the trigger and shoot yourself in the brains, because you are a pathetic *** for brains useless piece of garbage human being! Not even sure I should insult humans by calling you 1 !!!


1st that is policy not to give samples to children because of food allergies etc second you are just pain stuid go back to whatever rock you crawled out from i feel for your kids and hope their "loser" father takes them away from you


I don't work in a Canadian Walmart. The store that I work in doesn't even have another store in it but there are some in store sales specialists here. But some Walmart stores here have a McDonalds while some others may have a Subway.


That is the same lady Jessica. You must work in A Canadian Wal-mart since Mcdonalds is part of your store.

I think US ones have Subway.(well like you said they are two different companies)

They have that a parent must be present for insurance reasons. Genearally a ten year old would know what they are allergic to but for insurance reasons they have to have a parent present.


That lady is from a private company. That's like saying employees that work at McDonalds really work at Walmart. It's somewhat like a store in a store but it does not mean that they work for Walmart. Your daughter could have choked... And if she were to choke you would also say something about that... Saying something like how we should have been watching your child since you clearly don't do that yourself... And you would have even complained about that if we did watch your child, saying that we insulted you by implying that you can't watch your kid so we had to do it. I better stop now because someone will begin to think that I'm just like you.

Food demos do need a parents permission. It might be a policy you know. Even food demos have a policy that they have to follow. You might not have any since you probably don't even have a job and the only way you can support yourself is by doing a bad deed.... But yes, we all do have a few policies. But what do I know? To you I'm just some Native American that just steals things.

Your daughter could have hurt herself on the ladder... Which is why we do not let customers climb on the ladder. In fact, we can't do that! You really should look after your own kids in the store. Aren't you the lady that got mad at a employee that called out a Code Adam simply because you were not looking after your 4 year old niece?


i've never actually thought there was a real dumbf***! :-p


This story tells me who REALLY s doing the child abuse, and it's not Wal Mart


You're quick to point out that they are probably jealous of how much money you make so what are you doing shopping at a Wal-Mart if you're so rich? Dudeson has a point, your daughter was doing something she shouldn't have been doing by climbing on that ladder. She could have fallen off and gotten hurt. The store could have sued you for allowing you CHILD to wander all over the store without parental supervision.

As for the food demonstrator, I work as one and am placed at a Wal-Mart. The store manager was telling you the truth about her not working for them. Wal-Mart contracts their food demos through a third party. She was telling you the truth about not being able to give the kids food samples without an adult present. The child could have an allergic reaction, could choke, or just not like it and spit it out on the floor.

It's the parents responsibility to look after the child not the employees at Wal-Mart.


LMAO. You are so lame.

They have to have parents permission to give a sample. What if your daughter had been allergic to the sample and had a reaction or got sick? They have those policies in place to protect themselves. And your daughter should NOT have been climbing up on a ladder.

What if she had fallen? Im sure you would have been quick to jump on Walmart and sue them.

Its called CYA. They were covering their ***.