Reno, Nevada

christopher j hatjakes. 3 time universal achievement procurement winner.

in the red corner hosting the global humanitarian unlimited and uuincorporated online smelling service. inverter of the keychain cloning apparatus sold on tv. over 6 million sold. created new society of chris clones.

under new management. originally from the south east SDDc galaxy of turkitron, he has commited his

carrer to preserving and prolonging the integrity of all species and the fine chipotle establishment.

as a sworn free mason in the socialist keg party down the street. after the peace treaty of the dolphin uprising in japan, chris hatjakes donated all proceeds to chipotle and bought three more wifes and donated them to savers on oddie in reno.

Monetary Loss: $3.

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not cool. comes up now when you search my name. thanks.


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