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I cannot understand why Walmart does not sell OUTDOOR Christmas décor reflecting the birth of Jesus. I celebrate Christmas because of the birth and would like to purchase a manger or something to do with the birth of Jesus but apparently you are afraid of offending someone who shouldn't even be celebrating Christmas if they don't believe in the birth.

Customers like myself are offended when we are not able to purchase things because you are afraid of offending someone but yet you do offend. If the nonbelievers don't want to see these things then they can simply stay out of that part of the store. Christmas is about Christ..it always has been. I come in your store and I see Santa and the Grinch...

now tell who is really stealing Christmas ...not the Grinch..lol. I spend over $1,200 every month in your store so at least make available to me things that I want and maybe I will spend more.

Preferred solution: stock the store to please everyone..not just some people. .

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This is ridiculous, you are completely free to practice your silly religion, you just can't make the rest of us participate in it too.

I'm absolutely certain you can find decorations that celebrate your myths, you just haven't looked very hard.

Also, very few immigrants come here so they have freedom of religion, they come here because they think they can have a better life.

That's getting harder and harder to do by the way.

How do you feel about having jewish, muslim and satanism decorations on display? Or do you just want "freedom of religion" for yourselves?


They are free to celebrate their religions, don't have issues with Walmart or any store selling Jewish and satanism decorations, they just should not force us to stop selling our decorations. They should just go home if they don't want us having our decorations. Or better yet open up a store that caters to their beliefs.


As an employee, I agree with the OP. You see very little about Jesus Christ at the Christmas shop in Walmart.


You can't even say Merry Christmas anymore without someone getting offended. I am so sick and tired of us Christians getting bashed for our beliefs.


The sad thing is people come to USA because in their countries the are not free to practice their own religion, they are likely to find a job and make a decent living. We provide them with freedom of religion and the ability to get their job and they come and take over and tell us we cannot practice our religious beliefs because it "offends" them.

Well when you come to a country that has mainly Christians then you cannot tell us what to sell and what to wish for the Holidays.

If you are going to tell us we cannot practice our religion go back home where you can be shot or beheaded for not doing what your leaders want. Don't come to our country to practice your religion because and then deny us our rights to practice ours.


You tell us when you think Christ was actually born. If you think it was on December 25, you should do a lot of research on the matter.

Also, do you do a Christmas tree? If so are you aware that is actually a pagan custom? Have you looked on their web site? I don't know if they have them on the web site or not.

I think all of that stuff is really cheap looking to begin with. The classiest decorated houses and yards that I have ever seen just have lights and evergreen type garland, none of the other junk that people think they need.


That is not the issue the OP is trying to make, the issue is these immigrants coming to USA so they can freely express their religious beliefs. They come here for these freedoms and take away our freedom to practice our religion because they are offended.