Beaverton, Oregon

I ordered a Christmas gift from December '13. The box that was delivered had clearly been opened before, returned to a Walmart store, shoddily taped up and sent on to me.

Seeing the condition of the box made me wary of the product I purchased so I tried to take it back to the nearest Walmart store. The store wouldn't accept it. I was on the telephone 3 times with Walmart Customer Service for not less than 30 minutes each time trying to get resolution. Finally got a return authorization and had to take it to a UPS store.

Walmart not customer friendly; blamed the damaged box on the delivery service (not the case). I doubt I will shop at a Walmart store in the future and for sure will NOT order from

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How is it that you are so sure that it was Walmart and not the delivery service? Where you there during the processing, loading and delivery? Or is it just easier to blame everything on Walmart?


Of course WALMART EMPLOYEE PACKAGING did everything correct. They did a great job.

of course it was the shippers that messed up everything.

WHO HIRES THE SHIPPER???????? Walmart that is who so guess what I blame WALMART for my package being messed GOT IT WALMART EMPLOHYEE YOU ARE GREAT YOUR COMPANY %^^%&&