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Hi I bought a Christmas tree December 21 at Walmart 4200S 82nd ave portland oregon 97266, but on Christmas Day, 25 December got another same tree for a gift and I decided to get back my tree that I bought because I do not need to have two. Manager haylee is not wanted to return it because it is said to have a legal policy on return holidej subject but I asked them to show that returning polcy for holliday tree she said she can not to show me that, and I read vejb-page on the return policy says nothing about holiday items, and see now how Walmart make money and it money from poor people peel them as much as possible; they shall die, but continue living will

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I am sure if she showed you the return policy you would not be able to read it. Your spelling and grammar is terrible, so is your common sense. No one allows returns of seasonal items after the season or holiday is over.


So you bought a tree, decorated it, used it for Christmas then brought it back for a refund? Somehow I just don't believe that you received that same tree as a gift on Christmas day.

It sounds as though you had planned to buy the tree just to use for Christmas then return it for a full refund.

I'm sure the employees saw right through it as well. Perhaps if you had returned the "unopened" tree that you claim was gifted to you, you just might have gotten a refund at least on a gift card if you didn't have a receipt.


That is what I am thinking, who gives a Christmas tree as a Christmas gift. As a matter of fact who gives a Christmas tree as a gift at all.

Also if they bought a Christmas tree why would it not be displayed in their house.

Sounds like you are right and they just wanted to rent a tree for Christmas and then return it. This did not work so they throw a tantrum.