Muskogee, Oklahoma
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Most companies will provide a smoking area for their employees, generally in the back or out of the way of customers.Not Walmart, apparently. It doesn't matter what time of day I go there, but it never fails that there's a couple employees standing near or sitting on the shopping carts and smoking.Actually, it seems to be worse at night.

They only have the one door open then over by grocery, so anyone who is smoking congregates there, filling the cart area with their smoke and making it hard for us to breathe. I don't have asthma, but I sure feel sorry for anyone who does and wants to shop for groceries.I just try and hold my breath when I get a cart and go in the store. Need to try and minimize my exposure to secondhand smoke. I've had family members die of cancer and I don't want to be the next, caused by inconsiderate corporations and their even-more-inconsiderate employees.Plus, they then just throw their butts on the ground out there.

I guess it isn't littering if their employees do it on the company's property?

But what an eyesore. You would think a company would want to present a good impression on their customers, but I guess they feel we're a captive audience so they don't have to care.

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Anywhere else employees and customers are required to smoke in a designated smoking area. Customer's should never have to walk to through a cloud of cigarette smoke going into or out of a store. Walmart's employees sit right by the entrance and exit smoking like chimney's.