Los Angeles, California
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I open carry my handgun on my hip everywhere I go and I have done it for yrs. In California you must pass a test to carry, a background check, and have the gun unloaded.

I comply all CA laws. Walmart stated that I must conceal my weapon in their store and therefore become a criminal by doing so. So then I stated the California open carry laws and they reused to believe them. 6 police officers showed up to tell Walmart that I was breaking no laws and that the gun was registered and I had no criminal record.

Walmart then refused my purchases and demanded I leave. There reasoning was because my gun scares people.

So because I scare people I must be kicked out and refused. Well then how about Walmart kicks out all African Americans because a few ignorant people are afraid of them!?

While they support carrying a gun illegally and concealed they do no support law abiding citizens.

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I get where your coming from, but maybe you could have just left it in the car? I mean, I get why they would have a policy there in the first place against guns in their store.

What if some really scary guy was in there all the time with a bunch of guns out? It would scare me away from shopping there.

But if they are ever going to disallow open guns, they have to make a policy always disallowing guns, so nobody sues.

It sounds like they were not very nice or respectful about it though, which seems silly. You weren't doing anything wrong.

How were you supposed to know about the policy? You are just a law abiding citizen who exercises his right to bear arms, and it sounds like they treated you like a criminal for that, and that sucks.


I think you were wrong. If Walmart doesn't want guns on their property they have that right. YOu can shop elsewhere.

In fact, go to South Africa. I go there on business and most restaurants/shops etc have gun safes where customers can store their guns while they shop and pickup on exit.

Really funny to have everyone ask you if you are packing and it's a legitmate question in Johannesburg. Because I don't believe in carrying a gun, sometimes they look at you funny in Johannesburg (What ?? YOu don't carry a gun??)


Sidneycumbie I commend you for practicing your 2nd amendment rights. As a cashier at Walmart I feel safer knowing people like you are out there.

As far as I know as long as they do not have a weapons free zone sticker on their doors they can not stop you.

If they do it again I suggest you call the NRA. :)


Considering that walmart can dictate if weapons are brought onto THEIR OWN the property or not. there was no civil right violated becaue a place of business can say that they do not allow guns on thier premices.

Also if a customer is being uncopertive they can refuse service of said person.

as it is thier own right. nezt time leave the gun in the car.


Nah I'm a very good looking, muscular blue eyed white guy.... The Mexican manager didn't like that too much ... haha oh she was pissed