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Several times the clearance price is not the same at the checkout station. I don't know how many times I go through the check out, assuming the scanner will ring the merchandise correctly and it doesn't.

If I'm on my toes, I will catch it being rang up, bring it to the cashiers attention and she will make the necessary changes. But if I don't catch it before I leave, my options are severely limited to standing in the Customer Service line for a few dollars difference in the price. Everyone's time is of value, and I hate having to use it doing the cashier's job. And when you restock, you don't leave enough room in the aisles to move around with your shopping carts.

And my last complaint, you don't have enough scooters.

I'm not sure if the problem revolves around not having enough, or that Lebanon has more handicapped patrons. I rarely use your scooters because they are never available, I bring my own.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Walmart Cons: Shopping experience.

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I understand that it is frustrating when items don't ring up what they are supposed to, which is why I separate the clearance items I am purchasing from the non clearance items so I can easily watch what they scan as, but this is not the cashiers fault. It is not the cashiers job to price the items, and generally the cashier has no idea what an item is supposed to ring up as. Cashiers are stuck on the register and have no part in the pricing process, so there is no reason to be angry at them or say you are doing "their job" when that is not their job.


I am a cashier, and I dealt with a customer who told me that a particular item was ringing up wrong last week. He asked me when he came to the register I was at and told me that had happened in the past.

He also asked me if he could substitute 2 similar items for a particular item that he could only find one of. He wanted 2 of that item. I told him that I did not know if that could be done, which I do not know. He also wanted me to look at the screen, which is to my right, while scanning the groceries.

I cannot do both at the same time since that will slow down the process, and there was a customer behind him. So I just scanned the groceries. When he noticed that the item rang up wrong he said "I told you to watch the screen regarding the item that wrung up wrong. I was watching the screen, and it wrung up wrong.

So could you remove it." So I asked him if he scanned his discount card.

He said yes, and so I said "even if I look at the screen, the discount will be at the end, not after I scan the item." He said "that is fine, I still do not want the item." So I removed it from the register. He is the type of customer I do not want to deal with.


I used to be a cashier, and I know what you mean. No matter how much you pay attention, there are some things you are not going to catch because you don't know what the price is supposed to be.

When I was a cashier, before I finished school, I would double check what the items scanned for when they had a clearance or sale sticker on them, but if there was no sticker to compare it to, odds were, I wouldn't know it was supposed to be marked down in the first place so of course I would miss it. If a customer pointed it out, of course I was more than happy to fix it right away, but if it didn't have a sticker, and the customer didn't notice, there wasn't much I could do, and I know that hasn't changed since then.

I feel so bad for the cashiers at big chains like Wal Mart because I know that a lot of customers take out all of their frustrations from the entire stores mistakes on them because a lot of times that is the only employee they interact with. Cashiers have so little to do with anything, so please, when you have a bad experience at a store, don't blame the cashier, unless your bad experience truly does have to do with them personally.


That is the worst part of this all, the little five year old boy that made this post did was not paying attention, he was probably distracted, kids get distracted at that age. Not only that they are not mature enough to admit that the fault was theirs.

They think that the cashier is supposed to know the prices of thousand's of items in the store and which items are marked down. Notice how the little boy who made this complaint did not once take blame for being distracted, instead he puts total blame on the cashier when her job was not marking down prices.

This is not her job and she should not be held accountable for someone else's mistake. The only example that I can think about that will make sense to him would be if a classmate of his did something wrong and he was punished and had his playtime taken away because of something that his classmate did.


There is no ADA law that any retail establishment has to provide scooters. Scooters are provided as a courtesy.

So even if anyone complains that a retail establishment does not have enough scooters, that retail establishment is not obligated to provide more since there is no ADA law that this must be done.

So providing your own scooter is the other option.