Miami, Florida
Not resolved

The clerk said they don't honor other stores coupon. I said ok take the item off, it was hard to understand the clerk from Hati? well after some chat she said done. She was busy asking the girl behind her about her vacation. I just wanted to go but when I got home I saw that she added to my total evn through she took back the item. Now I'm out $11.00

Called the store and was disconnected ea time after I explained. The manager is never available at the vero beach,fl . I was just shopping the next town over but will not shop at walmart again!

Lets boycott for better service.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

Monetary Loss: $5.

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while the cashier did sound like she was being a little rude, the customer (the original poster) sounds dumb. what coupon did you use? a McDonalds coupon?


Why should they honour other store coupons. Go to the store which accepts the coupons.