Calumet City, Illinois

I have fibromyalgia and sometimes it prevents me from leaving the house. I was having a bad flare up and decided to pay my bill online.

Boy was that a mistake. I usually pay it in the store and always way before it is due and more than the minimum due. I entered my information and made my payment. This was in on Oct 2, 2015.

Last week I got a letter in the mail stating that my payment was refused by my bank. I immediately called and what had happened was when I entered my bank information, I had forgotten to enter some of the account numbers. We straightened this out and I made the payment online and was assured that everything was ok. Today I received a letter stating that my account was closed.

I called to see what had happened and they closed my account because of this incident, and could under no circumstances reopen it but I could go and open a new credit card and use that one. What the *** kind of answer is that?

I am done with WalMart and so is my husband. I want you all to know they are *** and I will not even enter their store!

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Credit Card.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Walmart Cons: It is not the store itself but the credit card policies.

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I live with constant pain, but I manage to get up every day and go to work. Stop already please for the love of God, with the drama.


Didn't get my statement....missplaced my card....couldnt get my card number from customer service so I can pay it.....found the letter which came with my card....called again to get the balance so I can close the help...kept giving me a ridiculous amount....after 59min on the phone the first time....38min the second time....had to speak to someone higher up to get my balance so I can close this account as I never had to deal with this much hassle...closed the account!!! Stick to regular bank credit cards....this one is definitely a joke!!!


This is about the same thing that happened to me in 2008. Now they hav a collection calling me an telling me 6 years later that I owe a 1,000.

And that if I don't pay they are going to take m me to court. Where have they been in the last 5 years.


Depends on the state, but the statue of limitations to collect on signature credit is generally 4 years.