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Don't close the checker ck out lines!! People hate self ck out!

People need to be employed! Thousands of people will stop shopping @ Walmart

User's recommendation: Support live checkers not self ck out.

Location: Colville, Washington

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"will stop shopping" LOL... No, they won't.

People like you go there because it's cheaper than other stores. They keep costs down by stocking Chinese junk made to American specifications and controlling labor costs. These machines control labor costs and help people get out of the store faster. To keep people on the lines, they will have to increase labor costs and pass them on to you.

Something you aren't into as you're shopping there. If you want the lines full of people, tell Walmart that you're willing to PAY MORE for everything in the store and you'll get your wish. Until then, shut up.

You aren't going anywhere else that will cause to you pay more. You asked for this, you got it....

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