Dallas, Texas

The WalMart at 13739 N Central Expy in Dallas TX sometimes locks the entrance door at least several minutes before the posted closing time. I understand that when they close they yet have customers to finish with so that closing time is not the time they get to leave but that is inherent in their business & many others.

I should not have to find I wasted my time & effort going there only to see they closed early. IF they want to close at 11:50 or 11:55, that is fine with me as long as they post that as their closing time rather than 12:00. They have the responsibility to inform customers of the latest time they can expect to enter the store & stick to it. I went to their website to inform them of this problem & found that they require name, address, phone number & email to do so & I see no reason to give them such information.

I simply want to inform them of the problem. Obviously, they are not concerned enough about customer complaints.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Website.

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Maybe their restroom was overflowing. Who knows.

Go somewhere else. :cry


It was far from only 1 time.

I suspect this website is intended for adults.


funny the employee respond on PISSEDCONSUMER.


I've been written up for being overtime because customers were delaying our closing duties. It's because we were nice and let them in right at closing time. It's not as simple as leave the duties it for the morning shift. I would have been written up for that, too.

The time allotted for my shift after closing is meant for closing duties. Things I am not able to do when customers are in the store.

There is no telling customers even after we're closed, they need to leave. No nice way about it, at all because the customer will complain regardless.

I may not work at Wal-Mart and not understand their rules and policies, but I do know many customers make the excuse "Just one thing" or "Just one minute". Yeah, 20 minutes is certainly one minute.


I hate that happened to you but some customers acting badly & your supervisor abusing you over something which is not your fault do not negate the responsibility of a retail business to properly & clearly inform customers of the latest time they will be allowed to enter the store. I am not necessarily blaming you or others like you.

I do not know who is making the decision each night but ultimately the store manager is responsible. Some businesses, at closing time, announce that customers should finish quickly then 5 minutes later they announce that all check outs will close in 5 more minutes then anyone not waiting in line does not get to buy anything. I understand many people complain simply because they do not get their way all the time.

Most places where I worked, I would have been fired for locking the entrance prior to 1 minute after the posted closing time or later than 5 minutes after. I hope things improve for you.


Isn't WalMart open 24/7? Any business has to close their doors 5-15 minutes early so that the employees can get out at a reasonable time.

and there are things that management has to after everybody is out.

Plan to shop earlier. There isn't any way that you could get to the department where you wanted to get something and out in a few minutes.


I think most are open 24/7 but obviously some are not. Nonsense.

AS I stated before, they have a responsibility to inform customers of the latest time they will be allowed to enter the store.

No flimsy excuses. I have been on both sides of this situation & in over 50 years of being a retail employee, manager & customer, I have never heard of this *** except for once my sister said it happened to her at a restaurant in a 1 horse hick town.