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If WM is going to have Coke machines out front they should better maintain them. I know it is the baboon vendors from Coca-cola who stock them and technically own them, but WM are the ones who pay for them to be out there.

I shouldn't have to go all the way back into the store to get my money back just because they can't properly maintain their machines.

Then again these baboons can't seem to maintain anything in their stores. A lot of time I am just stopping by to get a drink from the machines and not even going into WM.

Product or Service Mentioned: Coca Cola Vending Machine.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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I am sure you were treated rudely because you cut in line and started yelling at them because the machine stole your money. Something that is not their fault.

Things break down. They cannot just wave a wand and make the coke machine start working again.


Actually you're wrong. Coke pays Walmart to have the vending machine out there.

It's called renting space. Technically WM doesn't even have to refund your money, they could make you call the number on the vending machine and talk to them.


It is only Coca Cola that maintains them, baboon. They are two different companies.


That is the same way for other businesses as well.

Are you going to complain about those businesses as well when the same thing happens?

And is it really necessary to refer to the vendors as baboons?